top 5 ways to Become a Superhero

here are a lot of superhero movies these days like batman, superman, spiderman etc and after watching these movies most of us wish to be a superhero but it always ends like this “I can’t fly, can’t pass through stuff and bla bla so i can’t become a superhero” But Guys! You can become a Superhero if you just follow these Top 5 Ways to Become a Superhero. After following these steps you will become a superhero and save the people or kill them if you want to become a Supervillain (Just kidding guys. Killing people is not cool. Don’t do it. Seriously I mean it. Don’t do it although I know that you’re not gonna do it. But once again telling you don’t do it. Oh this line is getting annoying) Anyways below are the top 5 ways to Become a Superhero.

01. Find Your Hidden Superpower


Yes this is the first and a very important step. FIND YOUR HIDDEN SUPERPOWER!But the question arises How are you gonna find your superpower? The answer is simple my friend. Start by punching on the walls and see whether the wall breaks or not. Then check whether you can breathe underwater. If it doesn’t work then try jumping off the roof or try to control people’s mind or try to fly. But one advice for you guys that don’t try to check these superpowers in front of people otherwise they’ll probably think that you have gone mad and you will then spend your life in a Mental Hospital.

02. Choose Your Ultimate Weapons

STEP NUMBER 2! Yes i know that you were unable to find your superpower so this is a very important step although all steps are important but this is one is more. Choose your ultimate superhero weapons. Put some of these ultimate water guns or slingshots in you pockets or whatever ultimate weapon you think you can handle easily. Choose wisely!

03. Train Yourself

What if you have no superpowers and you have no ammo in your ultimate super weapons? There may come a situation like this. So my friend! You have to train hard for that bad day. Train yourself by lifting heavy weights like this superhero child in the picture or learn martial arts or some kickboxing or something like that so that you won’t die in a situation like this.

04. Design Your Superhero Costume

Now guys Design a costume according to your style, superpowers and super weapons. Design wisely because you will have to wear it all the time like superman and spider man. There should be secret pockets for secret weapons too. Take your time and design it properly. Don’t copy other superheroes costumes. And Please guys keep one thing in mind THE UNDERWEAR SHOULD NOT BE ON TOP. It looks weird. I wonder why superman and many other famous heroes wear underwear on top. Seriously guys “Underwear” is supposed to be wore under the pants not on the top!

05. Find your Secret Headquarter

Now this one is the last step! Find some headquarter. Its very important to have a secret place where you can do secret things and place your secret stuff. Yes guys its gonna cost you some money. But if you don’t wanna spend money then you can use your basement or find some secret places in your city. Don’t tell anyone about that secret place. Because You know even your friends can become your enemies when you’re a SUPERHERO!Follow each step and then you’ll be a superhero. Don’t skip any step. Each step is compulsory.


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