Top 10 Ways to Strengthening Intuition

Scientists have confirmed that much of the history of evolution is the result of a succession of coups d’intuition, and we as a vital link we must reject our essence: the overwhelming power of the unconscious as the source of the hidden genius. Albert Einstein and Salvador Dali who hoped “the time of the instantaneous delirium occurs” reflect this knowledge. Everyone has intuition, only the successful people grow, develop and learn to rely on it as an internal guide. Here are some lessons for the most benefit from intuition. Meditation as a tool to deepen: its practice allows us to clear our mind of distraction and also recognize the subtle impulses emanating from within. When we feel more attuned to the inner world of sensory perception increases considerably. Top of Form Do you ever wonder how you have developed your Intuitive abilities? Are you one of those who trust on logic and analytical thinking and you just go with your gut? You can try this test that will allow you to understand how you make decisions in your daily life. There are 4 levels of Intuition: Basic Level, “Survival Intuition”, Second Level, “Social Intuition”, Third level, “Developed Intuition”, Fourth level, “Higher Purpose Intuition.”

10. Listen To Your Inner Voice

One’s distinguished intuitive is the one who stops to listen as well as he never ignore his intuition and physical feelings. One must understand inner voice and its feelings.

09. They Have Chosen Their Time Alone

Log off! Do not be afraid to be yourself and enjoy life … behold otherwise, and make your intuition develop with having your own time thinking about your own self. Good intuitive people thinks about their existence.

08.They Take Their Creativity Afloat

Intuition and creativity are closely linked, creative people are highly intuitive. They stimulate each other! A proposal … Why do not you train your creativity? Start discover yourself and your surround.

07. Meditate

It is another way of letting fly intuition, through knowledge. You can align yourself with it and eventually make a decision you’re absolutely secured.

06. They Are Great Observers

Go to the detail of your reality, observed colours, textures, colours … hear tones, noises, sounds … observed behaviours, reactions … is breathing life through every pore of your skin. You will gain a keen sense of how often coincidences, surprising connections or particular insights into your daily life occur.

05.Listen To What Your Body Tells Them

Bodily talking has an origin … it’s about listening to what our body tells us … stop eating if you are satisfied! Exercise if you feel out of shape … pamper your machine! Remember that intuition can cause physical sensations in the body. Pay attention to the self.

04. Create Deep Ties With Other

Empathy is one of the great companions of intuition. It helps to connect with others and with yourself.

03. Pay Attention To Your Dreams

This is a powerful way to connect with your unconscious world, a new form of auto-relation that can make you awaken intuition. Dreams save a lot of information on how to live your life.

02. Enjoy Enough Time to Relax

Stress and haste are the worst enemies of intuition, since we have computers, phones, tablets and others have gone along with our other activities like reading alone. We could say that tranquillity and relaxation are two triggers of intuition … Let’s get off the train at rush!

01. Avoid Negative Emotions

Strong emotions are like a punch to the head of intuition, which is disabled powerless to make themselves known. Frustration, hatred, anger, Anger transform us and make us leave our personality, to live a reality that intuition has no place. Particularly of anger or frustration, cloud intuition.

In conclusion, I leave you with two quotes from two successful people who spoiled his intuition to guide your life in this way:

“The reason is afraid of defeat, but intuition enjoys life and its challenges.”

Paulo Coelho

“Your time is limited, so do not waste it living someone else’s life. Do not get caught in the dogma, which is living as others think you should live. Do not let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And, what is most important, have the courage to do what they tell you your heart and intuition.”

Steve Jobs

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