Top 10 Unique Things on which such a Ban in the World

Such things are banned will Not surprising, but senses that are blown up. Let us not believe this list will keep you amazed by conditionally and in these countries the opportunity to avoid the items you could be. let’s check here the list of Top 10 Unique Things on which such a Ban in the World.

10. Ban on the sales of ere in Singapore

Singapore is perhaps the most favorite hobby chew but quite expensive to do this in Singapore, can do this is because there is a ban on the sales of ere and there it is impossible to buy for people, the goal is to keep this small country clean.

9.Midnight ban on playing online video games in South Korea

In today’s world, Video games  in many countries are very common, and online video games for people night and day, means to live. But after midnight in South Korea was not allowed to do so, especially children under the age of 16 from 6 pm to midnight enjoy online games a form, which their academic activities cannot affect them.

8. Under spikes and pony style is banned in Iran

A lot of things in Iran is called on is prohibited. In 2010, ban emerged for men which have blown their senses. According to the State of their hair style or commands run and tell them under spikes and pony style is banned.

7.Yellow color banned in Malaysia

Yellow color, there is a lot of people who like this color if even you wear your favorite dress, shirt, pants, socks, bags of yellow color  it also had to put passion in prison. In 2011, the Government has banned yellow color, including bands, rist and belt color clothing so that everything was banned of this color. It was due to that it was the color of opposition party.

6.Red Bull banned in France

In 2008, Red Bull energy drink was banned. In 2008, this beverage in this country found in the chemical had been banned due to potential adverse effects on health.

5.Time travel banned in China

China leaves behind the world in every field has been playing well, but there is the interesting thing is that time travel ban, Sir, it’s time to travel, but in terms of the subject on which movies and TV shows, Chinese officials think such films in history by traveling through time travel, it is better to ban the alteration is displayed.

4. MacDonald is banned in Bolivia

The prohibition on MacDonald in Bolivia, and the interesting thing is that this is, in fact, there’s no law, but decided the public believe that their food of love, care and public history, and people want to live under their laws and their beliefs is against fast food so MacDonald is banned.

3.Jogging is banned in Brondi

The president of Brondi banned jogging in his country and claim they are destructive habit or as a core for use under plans, in fact, there are a number of members of the opposition groups, to participate in the events to the Group on prison food is jogging..

2.Ban on death in England

Britain’s ban on death in Parliament and in the case of death, the person inside the building as the technical state of burial privileges and the Government is not in favor of giving multiple individuals the State burial privileges.

1.Baby walkers banned in Canada

Baby walkers around the world are quite famous, but the baby walkers to run in Canada, its use were banned .Because it was that research on children’s mental development is affected by baby walkers. The view of the Government has imposed a ban on baby walkers past.

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