Top 10 Tourist Attractions in USA

It is said that God made the earth and man made the countries. The world is now divided in more than 185 countries . The United States of America is considered the uncrowned super power of the world as well. USA is a big country with having more than 52 states in it. When a country has a big covered area like USA then you can surely expect it to have some wonderful places to visit for sure. The culture of USA is diverse as the people from all parts of the world are living here. The diversity is found in the geography of this country as well. USA has got some terrific places to visit from colorful cities to lonely beautiful valleys, from hot deserts to freezing peaks this country has got it all. Let’s have a look at Top 10 Tourist Attractions in USA.

10. Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital of the USA and this city is considered one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. It is a beautiful green city and it is obviously a bug attraction for tourists as well. This city is very clean and has the famous “White House” as well which is the official residence of the President of USA. The city has population of more than 640,000 people.

9. Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands are great attraction for the tourists from across the world. These beautiful islands are in the Caribbean sea near West Indies. Half of the area is under the jurisdiction of British Government and half area is under USA. With blue sea and green mountains this looks like a paradise on earth.

8. Monument Valley

Utah is the state of USA which has got the beautiful scenes and most of the area of Utah is covered by sand and desert. Monument valley of Utah is located near Four Corners area. This valley has been very popular in the Hollywood as well as many famous Hollywood movies have been shot here in this valley.

7. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in USA. which is beautiful because of the man made casinos and hotels. It is covered by desert of Nevada but this city has developed itself as the biggest Casino city of the world. Las Vegas becomes lively at the night and it is termed as the city which never sleeps.

6. Sedona

Sedona is a small town of Arizona and this small town is a popular tourist spot in USA. Sedona is the town which has got the simple life style and simple residents. Its population is still less than 15000 people. The reason of its fame is the famous rocks which reflect the sun rays and the rocks become red ,yellow and orange as the day passes by.

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5. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is one of the famous and Most Beautiful Places in America in fact this is also one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. Grand Canyon is basically a rocky area with high mountains which has got some extra ordinary views. This area is situated on the Colorado River and one can view the might Colorado River from there.

4. Yellow Stone National Park

Yellow Stone National Park is said to be the oldest national parks of the world. this big wildlife and Natural Park was established back in 1872. Yellow Stone national park has got some breath taking views including the wildlife like bears and lions. It has waterfalls and geezers as well. This Park is in the state of Wyoming.

3. Zion National Park

Zion national park is a famous visitors spot and this is also located in the state of Utah.  The reason of fame for this park is the famous Zion Canyon. which is 15 kilometers long and approximately half mile deep on the bank of Virgin River.

2. Kilauea Volcano

This is a beautiful and dangerous place to visit as well as the volcanoes are never safe. But this Kilauea Volcano is a wonder of nature for sure as this volcano is in the state of Hawaii. This volcano is more than 4000,00 years old according to the researchers and it attracts a big number of tourists as well.


Hawaii is at the top position in Top 10 Tourist Attractions in USA list. It is a beautiful state in fact islands of the USA. This area has got the master pieces of nature. But what else a person can dream of when you have golden sand, blue sea and green coconut trees on the shore. This is an incredible scene for sure and therefore Kauai islands have it all which brings thousands of tourists to this place every year.

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