Top 10 People With Amazing Capabilities

“Impossible” The Word Itself Says “I m Possible” We Just Don’t Know How To Separate These Alphabets. But Some People Find Out The Link Between Possible & Impossible. Naturally or By Practicing, They Can Do Impossible Things Beyond Our Imagination. And You’re About To See Them in Top List Mania’s List Of “Top 10 People With Amazing Capabilities“. Scroll Down! There Is Much To See.

10. The Human Calculator

Are You Good At Maths? Do You Think You’re The Best At It. If You Do, You’re Wrong.Scott Flansburg From San Diego, California Can Add, Subtract, Divide, Multiply; Even Solve Square or Cube Roots In His Brain. This Ability Is Natural ; There Are Only 12 People In This World With These Capabilities; Scott Is The Best Among All Of Them. He Can Solve These Questions In Just ONE Second Using His Lightening Fast Brain.

9. The Balance Expert

You Must Have Seen People With Amazing Talent Of Balance. They Can Walk On Thin Ropes Magnificently. But If You Think You’ve Seen It All, See This.
Eskil Ronningsbakken FromTrondheim, Norway Can Balance Himself On Really High Places Without Any Safety Net Or Ropes. Our Brain Usually Gives Us The Fear To Stop Us From Doing Dangerous Stuff. But Naturally, Eskil Doesn’t Feel Any Fear From Heights. He Started Doing All This When He Was a Child. Before Long, He Found Out That It Wasn’t Really Difficult For Him. He Joined a Circus & Started Walking On Ropes But They Didn’t Fulfill His Thirst. He Then Started Balancing Himself On Really Extreme Heights.
Now He Wants To Balance Himself On Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates Which is 2,717-foot High ; World’s Tallest Building.

8. Super-Strong Jaws

Salim Haini Is a 25 Years Old Muslim ; Lives In Algeria. What Makes Him Different Is That He Can Eat ANYTHING. Newspapers,Candles, Strip Lights, Plastic; Even Nails! And Of course, No Effect On His Body.
He Came To Know About His Strange Ability As a Teenager. He Became Famous Very Quickly; Was Invited To Parties To Show His Talent.

7. The Iceman

What Would You Do If The Weather Is Cold? Stay In Your House, Wear Warm Clothes, Sit Near Fire? Well, There Is a Man Who Would Go Out In The Cold, Remove His Shirt; Enjoy It. Wim Hof Can Stay In Cold Without Even Feeling It. He Has Mastered an Ancient Meditation “Tummo” So Perfectly That He Can Now Control His Body Temperature.
He Has Proved It By Swimming 80 Meters In Natural Icy Water Beneath a Layer Of Ice! He Sat In Ice Covering His Whole Body For 72 Minutes. This Can Cause Severe Hypothermia Or Even Death. But Wim Had No Effect On His Body Or Mind.

6. The Samurai

Samurai Tales; Anime Is Common These Days. But Are Samurais Common? No,But We Know a Samurai Who Still Represents His Ancestors. Isao Machii Lives In Los Angeles, USA. He Started His Training At The age Of 5. Now He’s So Accurate That He Can Slice a really Tiny Pellet Shot Towards Him With a BB Gun. It All Happens So Quickly That Human Eye Can Barely See It.

5. The Future-Dreamer

We All Know That There Are People Who Claim To Be Able To Tell The Future. Some Of Them Can Really See Future. Others Can’t. But We Have One Peron Who Proved That He Can Really See Future.
Chris Robinson From Edinburgh, Scotland Can See Future In His Dreams. This Started In 1986 When He Saw a Radioactive Cloud Heading Towards London In His Dream ; After Two Days, It Really Happened. Then He Found That He Could Dream About Anything He Wanted To Know About. He Even Predicted About 9/11.

4. No Pain, Much Gained…

Pain, The Most Painful Word. But Not For Tim Cridland. Amazingly, He Can’t Feel It. Yes, Tim Cridland From New York, USA Can Literally Switch His Pain Off. After Switching It Off, He Feels Nothing As He Impales Himself With Skewers; Sharp Objects. Whats More Amazing Is That No Blood Comes Out Of His Strange Body. This Is Not Natural. He Practiced This So Many Times That Now He Feels No Pain At All. Now He Can Impale Himself With Sharp Objects; Stop His Blood From Gushing Out Of His body. He Can Mysteriously Impale His Throat; Arms.

3. The Electro-Man

Electricity is a Dangerous Thing To Play With. But Rajmohan Nair From Kollam, India Has His own View. Electricity Doesn’t Harm Him At All. He Came To Know about His Ability When His Mother Died. He Was 10 Years Old.He Didn’t Wanted To Live Anymore. He Climbed Up an Electric Pole; Grabbed a Thick Wire. He Was Amazed When He Found Out That Nothing Happened.

Now He Uses Himself As a Conductor. One-Tenth Of An amp Can Kill an Average Person But Rajmohan Is Not Average. He Can Go Through a lot More Than That Without Any Effect On His Body. He Makes a Blender Work With One Wire In His Mouth  One In His Hand.

2. Mind Power

Have You Seen Mind Power Or Levitation? Obviously in TV Shows; Magic Tricks. They Are Probably All Fake. There Is One Person Who Can Really Move Objects With His Mind, And Only His Mind. Miroslaw Magola From Brighton, England. He Can Make Objects Float In The Air ; Force Them To Stick To His Body. He Started Doing Meditation In 1988; Soon Found That Metallic Objects Started Sticking To His Body.

1. Anti Venom

Venom (Or Poison) Is a Life Threatening Thing. It Can Cause Death Within Minutes If Swallowed. But There Is a Man Who Is Immune To Venom. Tim Friede Lives In Wisconsin, USA. He Has Been Bitten By Some Of The World’s Deadliest Snakes. But Amazingly He is Still Alive. He Got His First Snake Bite When He Was 5 Years Old From a Garter Snake. He Found Out His Talent. Now He Daily Injects Snake Venom In His Body. He Has Even Survived The Deadliest Bite Of Black Mamba!

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