Top 10 Most Annoying Habits Of Girls

10 Things that are really irritating habits of women that can drive you crazy and in reality it happens .Check out the details given below in which you will  know that these beautiful women are how much irritating too. Women are doing this not once in a day because they don’t think about what they are doing mean annoying to men or others . In these annoying habits all are common in women . Some annoying habits makes you mad in routine life but men have to bear them . Check below the list of Top 10 Most Annoying Habits Of Girls.

10. Do I Look FAT

Every girl has this irritating habit of asking their boyfriends “DO I LOOK FAT“ and you reply“NO YOU LOOK OK! and they are like “WHAT!! Do I look just OK to you? That means I am fat!
Yeah! This is irritating, they look ok but still they think they are fat and that actually irritate the hell out of a man!

9.Nothing to Wear

Girls have this annoying habit of deciding what to wear! Their closet is full of clothes, shoes, jewelry and they are like calling their boyfriends or best friends crying and say I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR. Well you know this thing normally happens because girls usually think that they should not be wearing anything twice! As her friends or other girls have seen it already! This is totally insane and irritating.

8.Over Dramatic

It is also called to be a drama queen. One definition of a drama queen is a person given to excessively emotional performances or reactions, and the description is pretty much exact. To break what can fast become a way of life, the drama teen needs to be put in her place and very quickly. If your drama queen is a grown woman, you got major problems and you might need more help than the following steps can give, but it’s worth a try

7.Girl Driving

Without looking at the person sitting on a driving seat, you can easily say “IT IS A WOMAN DRIVING!. Yeah because women drive so slowly and their every move is so confusing that you easily know who the driver is. I don’t get it why are they scared to step a little harder on the accelerator? I swear it won’t break!


Gossiping is like sharing news regarding sure topics with others and obtaining a response from that person, that successively, that person additionally begins to share the news with others. Humans for one issue, cannot live while not having gossip. we have a tendency to simply cannot appear to resist sharing gossips among one another as a result of we’ve the necessity to be curious and establish things whether or not it’s one thing dangerous or smart regarding somebody.but the ladies came up twit the negativity and explode the important that means , that onward became disagreeable and creates mess.

5. Back stabbing Their Friends

Most women love complaining about their supposed closest friends. How can someone be your closest friend when you have so much negative stuff to say about them? Mostly have seen that with the minor complaints women starting back stabbing¦as it is not like this should be like this .bla bla bla¦

4.Cutting in Line

Even there is a huge board placed at a place saying “WAIT FOR YOUR TURN! or there is a queue of people standing, but these women actually do push people and cut in line, may be they consider it their right to do such thing and yeah! The worst part, they actually make a lot of excuses after doing it.


Women can sometimes use 100 words to say something that could have been said in 10.Because its not about effective speech its about making noise. Its like a cat purring. The object is to do it non-stop. If something is said or understood that’s OK but not necessary.Its very common thing seen now-a-days.Attitude changes with the passage of time.


This is one that you definitely do on purpose. Comparing us to the previous men in your life is malicious and nasty and only done so you can be a nag!As men, we do not expect you ladies to make an effort to stop annoying us. But we do expect you to realize that this is why we act the way we do! Its not easy to be with you, and the fact that most of you hit 9 for 10 on this list is exactly why you have longer life-spans than we do

1.Crying at Everything

My friend just got dumped! tears“Its my 16th Birthday! tears “I want to have an ice cream! tearsand the waterworks begin on every single thing! And when you ask them what happened! They are like “No everything is fine! Take this FINE really seriously, because it consists of some seriously INSANE things that happened to her, and the tears just start flowing until they are quiet! Well actually they don’t just become quiet but they feel better, and start talking again

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