Top 10 Countries with Highest Exports 2020

From the start of life on the planet earth there has been always a competition amongst the nations to dominate the others and for the purpose the history of mankind has witnessed some seriously great wars and battles. To overcome the other country the war and use of power have been the key points but now as the world has changed dramatically in the recent times ,the wars which were fought with swords and arrows then shifted on to guns the wars were fought with ammunition and then other modern ammunition came into the play.

The 20th century witnessed two great world wars from 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1936 respectively and at the end of the day only billions of human beings was killed and no country came out as winner. The world wars made a big dent on the country’s economy and then after the 2nd world war the world actually realized that if you want to conquer the world you don’t have to do it with power but you can do it by holding the economy and in last 50 years we have seen a global shift towards the economy boost. The countries across the globe shifted their focus to raise their trade and economy and it is a fact that the country which has a strong economy will dominate the world.The country which has more exports than its imports will have a good economy and the top 10 economies of the world are actually the top 10 exporters of the world 2020. Let’ have a look at top 10 exporters at the start of year 2019.

10. United Kingdom

United Kingdom has been ruling the world for good part of 17th to 19th century and this country always want to be a dominant force. UK’s main exports are the medical equipment and machinery and this country makes the exports of 441.2 billion dollars annually.


Well Italian pizza comes to the mind straight away after when we hear of Italy but this European country is at the no.9 in the top 10 exporters of the world and Italy has emerged as a very strong economy as well. Italy has a very strong market of motor cars and motor bikes. Italy makes exports of almost 496.3 billion dollars annually.

8. Hong Kong ( China)

Hong Kong with the start of this year has a net annual export of 537.8 billion dollars.

7. France

France is a very well developed European country and it has big exports in mechanical machinery, automobile industry and especially in the war fare equipments so France comes at no. 5 with annual exports of  550 billion dollars.

6. Netherlands

Well this might surprise a lot but Netherlands is at the no in terms of their exports as they have a strong economy and small population as well. Netherlands is the biggest exporter of the flowers across the globe and they earn big from their agriculture resources. Netherlands’s annual exports are of 555.6 billion dollars .

5. South Korea

South Korea is the first Asian country to be included in the list and this country has really made a big market in the electronic household equipments across the globe so with an annual exports of 577.4 billion dollars South Korea is at no. 6

 4. Japan

Japan is said to be the country of rising sun. This country has shocked the world with their economical recovery after World War 2 and now Japan is the biggest exporter in the automobile industry and household electronic goods. Japan comes at no.4 with annual exports of 689 billion dollars.

3. Germany

Germany is a big exporter in the heavy machinery and electronic equipment while they earn big from automobile exports as well so Germany is at the no. 3 with annual exports of more than 1434 billion dollars.

2. USA

United States of America might be said as the super power in the world for their technology but they are the 2nd best in exports. USA earns from agriculture, industrial, automobile, ammunition and chemical exports and it earn big. USA has the estimate of 1504.91 billion dollars exports annually.


Made in China. This is the tag which you will see in almost every second product found in your home and China has just totally over took the world’s economy by making and exporting from a needle to a ship . China exports anything you name and this country has left everyone far behind. The exports of China per year are incredible 2274.95 billion dollars . Hats off to China.

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