Top 10 Countries with highest Crime Rate

We might usually suppose that crime is expounded to murder or theft solely. However let us tell you there are varied vulnerable classes of crimes. These embrace drug dealing, human trafficking, smuggling, rape etc. Among a fore mentioned crimes a number of them are often reportable whereas some are done beneath the table. The victims conjointly don’t work with the opposing criminal agencies as their respect is at the verge. Rape is one in every of these vicious sins. No doubt, we humans are heading towards fashionable technology with leaps and bounds; however these acts create us no completely different than animals.Top 10 Countries with highest Crime Rate in 2013 include:

10. Thailand:

No one will ever assume this land of beauty may be a platform where the foremost mean act will occur. A number of ladies, women and even baby girls are sexually abused in this Asian nation each different day. An Australian golden ager of ninety three years aged was suspect of rape that shows that regardless of what the age is, this gender isn’t safe.

09. Belgium:

Belgium is additionally not insulation behind within the race. A rise of 2 hundredth was clear-sighted within the rape rate from 2009 to 2011 and also the rate is on an increment up until currently. Consistent with latest news, on June 11, 2013, eight totally different cases of rape were reported on one day. All this depicts that this country is additionally indulged badly during this crime.

08. Russia:

Russia is additionally at the height concerning rape cases. It had been rumored that even in warfare a pair of, Red Army conducted gang rapes throughout the war that was the most important reason for their defeat. Since then, a number of rape cases are caught and the rate is increasing every year.

07. Sweden:

1 amongst each four ladies come intent on being the victim of rape in Scandinavian nation. This show that true during this country is obtaining worse up to associate extent that within the returning year Scandinavian country would be in high 3 in the list of high 10 countries with highest rate crime. The case is terrible therefore the law imposing agencies ought to become a lot of active.

06. Japan:

Japan’s biggest crime downside is bicycle thievery. There are 6.6 bicycle thefts per one hundred thousand people. This rate has nearly doubled since 1989. Everyone seems to be upset regarding it. Japan has the ordinal highest bicycle thievery rate within the areas. The worst country is The Netherlands.It’s possible that Japan’s rate is simply more correct. If your bicycle is purloined in downtown Los Angeles you are less possible to report it than if you are in Tokyo.

05. Canada:

The Police-Reported Crime Statistics names the Kelowna Census Metropolitan space as having the best rate within the country and additional states that the Crime Severity Index for the area Kelowna, Lake Country and West Kelowna increased by more or less six per cent an equivalent year, primarily attributable to property offences. Person’s offences, like assaults, are decreasing.

04. France:

This compares with the 4.1 million recorded crimes in European nation and Wales in 2010/11 in figures provided by the house workplace. Figures for European country and Ireland are collected on an individual basis, however if supplementary they might take the United Kingdom total according crimes to around four.5 million. Therefore the range of recorded crimes in France is around a 3rd less than that within the UK.

03. India:

Crime in Asian nation 2012 report, Kerala, the state that ace in several development indicators, conjointly reports the very best rate of crimes beneath the Indian legal code. At 455.8 per large integer population, the crime figures for Kerala are quite double of the national average.

02. United Kingdom:

The Crime Survey for European country and Wales 2011/2012 figures show that crime within the kingdom is presently at its lowest level in thirty years, having reduced dramatically from its peak in 1995. As an example, 4.2 million violent crimes were counted in 1995 compared to 1.94 million in 2011/2012.

01. United States:

According to the FBI, index crime within the US includes violent crime and property crime. Violent crime consists of 4 criminal offenses: murder and non-negligent homicide, physical rape, robbery, and aggravated assault; property crime consists of felony, larceny, motorized vehicle larceny, and arson. Crime rates have varied over time within the America. American crime rates usually rose when war II, and peaked between the Nineteen Seventies and early Nineteen Nineties.

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