Top 10 Best Male Tennis Players 2013-2014

Tennis is one of the furthest played and the most adored games midst the people. This game is a casual sport and mostly people either play it professionally or inexpertly. With the improved fame of the game the well-known tennis players have also been dedicated and venerated by laymen. The ATP World Tour releases new ranks on basically each Monday throughout the tennis epoch. The levels stand for every player’s arises about after around 52 weeks. Standing concentrations are privileged reliant on how far a player surpasses in a rivalry and around how many numbers and points are handy for that challenge. Now, I am going to focus upon the hottest and current ranking of the most standard tennis players and the scores besides tournament numbers in order to verify their eminence and the topical facts and figures as well. Hey guys! Check out the facets of Top 10 Best Male Tennis Players 2013-2014.

10.Janko Tipsarevic

28 years old Janko has the nationality of Serbia and has won 4 titles. He appeared in 29 tournaments and has 3000 points. His concerted ranking was number 8 and his classification has declined with time. He surely needs to work hard in order to develop his ranking.

9. Richard Gasquet

Holding French nationality Richard Gasquet is 26 years old and is a proficient and diligent player. Scoring 3230 points Richard won 23 tournaments. He has won 9 titles and his career exertion is truly considerable.

8. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

This 27 years old brilliant French player has lately made his tactic to the Wimbledon Semifinals. Likewise, he is inordinate on the amenity of the tennis game and has recently got maximum points via his overhaul ploy. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga ranks as 8th Most Famous Male Tennis Players in the realm. He has 3660 points and 26 tournaments.

7. Juan Martin Del Potro

Del Portro from Argentina is currently fit sufficient to dependably play tennis. He has acquired around 65 matches this year. He coped to conquest world’s prevalent tennis players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. By Achieving 4750 points and 22 tournaments as well as striking the top ten lists by his feats he has really made Argentina gratified.

6. Tomas Berdych

This fabulous player from Czech Republic has attained two titles and about 61 matches. He just routed Roger Federer in the US open Quarterfinals and similarly won a Davis Championship. With the total 5145 points and 24 tournaments he is the leading person of CZE to make his tactic to this slant. His ball delivery is conservative and Okays just resembling a bullet thrashing his goal.

5. Rafael Nadal

He is certainly a great player who has relished the top 3 standings of tennis but the wound throughout tennis has actually initiated him suffer. His rank has dropped not because of his decrements in game but because of the injury. He has won countless matches and has won several titles as well. His way of service, his sanitary and sharp delivery and his great and excellent play has made him take the top 5 ranking. He has acquired Wimbledon and US open also. Once he reconciles entirely, he no doubt would won number 1 in ranks. There are 6385 points and 20 tournaments on behalf of this suffered King.

4. David Ferrer

30 years old Spanish David Ferrer is one of the reliable and perseverant players of the spell with nonstop hard work and caution. This superiority of him has assisted him get the top ten ranking steadily achieving 7050 points and 26 tournaments. Currently he has won around total 76 matches and virtually 7 titles.

3. Roger Federer

Roger Federer from SUI has achieved the top three even after little hard lucks and extensive overthrows. He had adored the first rankings over the previous few champion leagues and past duo of years. Nevertheless the current ranking by ATP world visit on April 2nd has classified it at number 3. He had almost secured all the main titles and contests. With the total of 8670 points and 20 tournaments he is recently ranked midst the few best players.

2. Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a young, energetic and extremely brilliant player of Great British. He well merits the second position respect to ranking. He has won current championship and has coped to give tough time to the preceding popular tennis players. Embracing 8750 points and 19 tournaments, this man is a person worth deliberated somber and one certainly worries losing the game when he comes in the contest field.

1. Novak Djokovic

Owing two major wins in the past year 2012, he attained the 1st rank in the top ten. Three titles and 1000 other individual shields are on his behalf and he has given several great solos. He outstandingly overcome Nadal and Murray and made his blot to grip the first position. This man has surely got potential to clue the tennis diligence. Best wishes for the current Tiger of Tennis ! Hope you enjoy the story of Top 10 Best Male Tennis Players 2013-2014.

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