Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the world 2018-2019

In today’s world the importance of the defense of a country has arose significantly. In today’s era where the race for power has increased among the countries the countries are spending more budgets on their defense and war fair industry. If we look on the budget comparisons of the big countries in the world we will find out the harsh reality that most of the budget is used on defense rather than to be spent on education or health. But the un certainty and trust deficit among the international countries has caused a lot of stress between the countries as well so now days the importance of defense and intelligence has become as important as never before. Intelligence agencies are the law enforcing agencies of a country which hold the responsibility to identify and precept certain threat to the state. More over their responsibilities include keeping close track on the activities of the other countries in the world. The intelligence agencies are said as the unsung heroes, because most of the work done by intelligence agencies is kept highly confidential but now most of us know that how important role the intelligence service of a country plays in its survival. Here are the Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the world 2018-2019 .

10. Research and Analysis Wing

RAW is the intelligence agency which operates directly under the state of India. India is the 2nd biggest country in terms of its population on the earth and this country is located in a very important and strategically offensive region. India has not good terms with neighboring countries like Pakistan, China and Bangladesh as well so they have a big army of more than 1 million soldiers and to operate this big army they need some serious information and this work is done by RAW which not only keeps an eye on the neighbors especially Pakistan but identify and give the solutions to eliminate the danger inside the country.

9. ASIS (Australia)

ASIS knows as Australian Secret Intelligence Service agency is the main government controlled secret agency of Australia. This agency was developed back in 1952 and strangely the operations of ASIS were kept highly secret even from the government officials in the initial twenty years. Australia is important allies of USA and UK so Australia has always been on a threat from the terrorists therefore ASIS operates to keep Australia secure from the external and internal threats as well.

8. DGSE (France)

France is a country which has taken part in so many battles and wars in the previous centuries but now this country is on a peaceful way but still as France is one of the allies of USA and UK in the war against terror so France is active in its defense mission. France has always emphasized on the better intelligence network and DGSE is the official intelligence agency of France.  DGSE is the abbreviation of Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure which means Directorate General of Security Agency.

7. CSIS (Canada)

CSIS is the national security and intelligence agency of Canada. Though Canada is not the country which has been known for its war or defense related issues but they have got a very capable and professional intelligence and security agency in CSIS. CSIS comes from Canadian Security and Intelligence Service. This agency was formed back in 1984 and till then CSIS has made its name in the top secret agencies of the world. CSIS has its headquarter in Ottawa and it is monitored by the federal courts system in Canada.

6. Mossad (Israel)

Mossad is one of the most talked about secret agencies of the world. Though it is not the best but it is one of the best for sure. Israel is the country which has the highest ration of spending on the defense budget and therefore their secret agency Mossad is also given billions of dollars annually to spend on the national security. Mossad is operated from Tel Aviv and this agency operates directly under the supervision of Prime Minister of Israel. Mossad was established in 1949 for national security during Arab- Israel war and now it has made its name in the top 10.

5. FSB (Russia)

Federal Security Board or commonly known as Federal Security services is the intelligence agency of Russia. Russia is the biggest country in respect to the area covered and Russia has always been at tension with USA and UK. But still Russia has managed to keep itself going strong and one reason might be their dedicated and professional intelligence service agency which operates from Moscow and Russian President is reported about the performance. FSB is well known for its counter terrorism and international spying as well. FSB of Russia and RAW of India have worked together on numerous occasions in the past.

4. MI6 (UK)

MI 6 is the intelligence agency operated by the government of UK and the name MI 6 is emerged from Military Intelligence Section 6. MI 6 is known for delivering best solutions for the counter terrorism and MI 6 has helped to solve so many internal and external matters for the British government in the past as well. MI 6 is operated from London and the report is shared with the defense ministry of UK. MI 6 has worked in collaboration with CIA of USA and Mossad of Israel on various occasions.

3. CIA (USA)

USA is the country which is engaged in the most of the war fare activities in this era especially after the attacks of 9/22 in 2011 the USA and its allies countries launched a massive war against terror. Though the attacks on WTC are considered big laps of CIA but after that CIA has recovered and has achieved some big milestones for the national security. One of the best achievements of CIA was to kill Osama Bin Laden in 2011. It was formed back in 1947 and CIA’s head quarter is in Virginia. CIA has more than 22000 employees on board.

2.MSS (China)

China is the biggest country on the planet with its population more than 1000 million. China has emerged out as winner in the industrial development and technological development and China is not behind at all in their defense as well as this country has some major threats but their secret agency MSS has been working for the safety of the country for more than 50 years and MSS has achieved some big milestones in their history and have saved their nation from external and internal threats. MSS’s headquarter is in Beijing.

1. ISI (Pakistan)

Pakistan’s ISI known as inter services intelligence  is the best intelligence agency of the world for over a long period of time and it has maintained its status. Pakistan is the country surrounded by India and Afghanistan and has internal threats as well but still this country is going ahead and thanks to ISI which has worked great for the national security. ISI has worked with MSS in the past and it is operated by the Directorate General of ISI in Islamabad.

This was the list of Top 10 World’s Best Intelligence Agencies in 2018-2019 . There was a tough competition but this result is performance oriented and these 10 intelligence agencies deserved the place top be called the best in the business.

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