Top 10 Amazing Discoveries in the world

You have seen number on great inventions and discoveries in the past . We are here providing the list of Top 10 Amazing Discoveries in the World.

10.Discovery of Dinosaurs with wings

The scientists of Canada in the United States so far have discovered the structure of Dinosaurs having the wings. It really is the most amazing discovery because it is the first in the Western Hemisphere are found on the Dinosaurs with wings. These are mostly discovered in Germany and China.
What a wonderful discovery has been the fact that in ancient times there were found tallest birds with wings that could fly.

9.Smart Television now Runs on Hand Signals, without Remote Control

With anger, isolation or mental illness to television comes under the category of. Now, however, with the different companies that makes television, television rational behavior like Office. I.e., they were able to make it now, its television, which will not talk to you but can hear you and you can control it without remote.

Samsung  said that they sell a television which will follow voice command. Likewise, the company also has been launched the first television in  market, in which the camera will be installed. This camera will look at you and it follows the signals of your hands “means, it will have to follow orders. Samsung has been downloaded 20 million of television app and beyond that this television is quite popular among the users.

8.To create a contact between the minds of concerned mice

According to the scientists, they have succeeded in creating a contact between two minds of mats concerned a great deal. These scientists link directly into the contact and combined efforts to solve real-time problems observed.   In Brazil State of mind concerned a lab rat to get through sensor and transfer  in the rat brains in America through the Internet.

Research Journal of ‘ scientific ‘ reports, according to the report published Thursday in the February 28 as a result of Scientists in the US found mice there in Brazil by mice observed to copy of afford. Scientists have named it mind link. linking the mind of animals with each other has been paving the way of judging the total intelligence of animals or to make an organic computer.

7.Panic Detection in Crowd Posing Image Process Software

With the help of this computer software named “panic detection in crowd posing image process “in any city across the country through the busiest places of crimes committed is already reported. According to CCTV cameras to software is associated with computers that check and monitor the activities of each person on any specific place. As soon as the system user to feel bad in this situation according to the facilities in the form of a siren signals the light blinking, or SMS is sent.

6.Produce Electricity with the Help of Urine

The British scientists said that they have so much power with the help of urine to produce a electricity from which they are able to charge a mobile phone. England’s University of Bristol and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory researchers have developed a fuel cell, according to which bacteria using urine breaks such as the electricity is produced from chemical. The Royal Society of chemistry by these researchers claim research journal ‘ physical chemistry, chemical physics research has been published in.  According to the researchers involved  “‘ so far, no one has not even succeeded in generating electricity from urine. Therefore, this new discovery is sensational. The beauty of this source of energy is that we are not relying on the power of the Sun in the form of or. We actually are creating energy using the West again.Liropollos, “he said, adding,” there is a thing about which we can say that this will not be a reduction in the availability of.

5.Brain chip

IMB arov computer makers Agency has announced that it has developed a chip that is the brain to work according to procedures of the data protection legislation. It has been the name of the brain chip.

This computer chips to process data of the human brain actually works on the procedures for this purpose in the digital circuits are configured via a ‘ computing core “or area which, without any external software to store contacts and data.  Thursday 18 August by the IMB said the new chips  was actually the ultra-modern algorithms and given the amazing human brain power through Silicon circuits to neurons and synapses functions such as special parts used for the exchange of information have been created. According to the statement issued by IMB: “that they will be made through computer chips, they will be given the name of ‘ kognatio ‘ or the computers and the computer will not work on the basis of existing computers, but from my experience you will learn what is being expected to kognatio computer. This assumption, to find the relationship between different things and learn from these things, you will remember the results from.‘‘

Do not include any type of biological components in brain chip developed.  IMB’s goal now is to develop a chip system in which neurons and 100 trillion synapses 10 billion will be available. This system will cost only a 35 kW power working and its size will be so low that it will take place only two liter size. This system consists of complex real-time environment brain, complex factors are observed, while it may have and they will be able to run. According to the company’s actions are just out of existing computers.

Research project leader Dharmendra Modha according to IMB: ‘ the concept of a “traffic lights, sounds, and the power of the combination of the seen things they teach any accident to a dangerous crossroads before they can alert about it.According to Dharmendra Modha :it’s a machine that actually chips computers replace calculation in a system that will have the ability to learn an entirely new generation of computers, that is.‘‘

4.Pregnant mother’s blood from the newborn’s gender test (that’s a boy or a girl)

Pregnant mother’s blood from the newborn’s gender test (that’s a boy or a girl) can be found. Fetus during pregnancy is generally two ways to find a class of x c v.s. (chorionic villus sampling) test. This is done during the week of 10-16 in which fetal development of microscopic parts of the outer membrane from the nose is inspected, but it is the risk of abortion procedures. Sometimes the results are not true. In this way, the second method is calculated by means of ultrasound fetal sex address but it also is possible for 16 to 20 weeks. Located in Seville in South Korea, according to a fresh study and sanitation for women’s General Hospital, the vulture, and  their colleagues, ” have associated with the PDF e-9, ‘ ‘ a gene in the blood of a pregnant woman who only reviewed the changes in society. He concluded from it that changes in the genes of Fetal DNA in the presence of the fifth week of pregnancy are it possible to address certain chromosomes Y. In the fifth week of pregnant women were to find positive tests yield results.

3.Now the lock opens with Smartphone

The smart technology in the market is as much noise. Smartphone, smart car, smart watch and now is presenting smart lock. A lock with the key is in your Smartphone. With the help of your smart phone blue tooth and lock your House via Wi-Fi, you can open and close. Many types of smart lock are available in the market. But Jenny features wonderful smart lock low: If you are out of the House and your House has come from a smart phone, you can send ‘ digital key ‘; At the same time, it was on the program, as well as your name, time and temperature on the screen enable can be seen. If your lost or stolen Smartphone or digital locks may not work with this program as a normal lock key is also available.

2.Charge the mobile phone from the fire

You are in travel or electricity is not available and your mobile phone or laptop charging has now gone, then what will you do? You may have the answer: patience and wait. But if you have a little bit of water and fire: you can charge your mobile phone. In the past days, the market has been presented a charger works on water and fire. This device has the name ‘ Flame stower’. Add a little more water to keep any fire (stove, etc.) near the power starts to be produced. Flame stower can produce 5.2 Watt electricity for which you can charge your mobile phone or laptop in minutes.

1. Gluco Watch

The level of sugar (glucose) in the blood of a person who is suffering from diabetes main to measure blood samples several times a day, sometimes very painful process which proves. It is designed for a new clock like device from which can be bound at the wrist. His name is “Gluco watch,” and Christopher  stamps is the invention of this watch. Watch has special strip below where sugar can check through sweat. This strip can be converted easily. This timepiece has a few moments on screen, which is installed in the sugar level is to press a button to tell. The second button tells glucose levels through sound. This time piece-in port and speaker also exists.

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