10 Things You Should Know About Coronavirus

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a outsized family of virus. It is a latest strain that was exposed in 2019 and has not been in the past recognized in humans.

1.Cause of Coronavirus to transmitted in human

Pangolins are a prime suspect, but a slew of genetic analyses have yet to find conclusive proof.

2. Symptoms

People may experience:

Runny nose

Sore throat




Difficulty breathing (severe cases)

Bluish lips or face

New confusion or inability to arouse.

3. How COVID-19  Spreads

Person-to-person spread.

Spread from contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.

Community spread.

4.Test for the Coronavirus

There is a analytic test that can conclude if you are infected. It was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based on genetic information about the virus provided by the Chinese authorities.

5. How dangerous is it?

The fatality rate was over 2 percent. About 5 percent of the patients who were hospitalized in China had critical illnesses. Children are less affected with the new corona virus, while middle-aged and older adults are excessively infected. Rate of deaths are high in men from an infection compared to women.

6.Confirmed Cases and Deaths

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 162 countries and territories around the world. Total cases reported all over the world are 182725 in which 7174 deaths happened. 80000 people have recovered yet.

7. Most Effected countries

China is the most effected country of corona virus. More than 81000 cases have been reported of corona infection. More than 3000 deaths have occurred in china. Italy is at number second with highest infected 28000 people. Iran, South korea, Germany, France, USA, UK, Switzerland has high rate of infected people with corona virus.

8.Vaccine for Corona Virus

Research work all over the world is going for development of vaccine for corona virus. Still there is not any vaccine developed.

9.Effect of coronavirus Fear on Global Economy

Fears of the coronavirus bang on the global economy. It effects Global economic growth to slow down. Slowdown in manufacturing activity, Declining oil prices, Stock market defeat, lower bond yields is caused by this fear of corona. Travelling and tourist market has badly affected due to coronavirus.

10. Available Treatments

There’s now no treatment purposely approve for COVID-19, and no cure for an infection. Take hot steam and drink hot water.

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