Top 10 Weird Looking Foods

Well one of the interesting hobby is to go here and there and to explore the world .Strange and marvelous places, different type of people there customs and definitely their foods as well. But in most of the cases you will feel that your taste buds will not satisfy you and with your stomach as besides tasty and healthy food people eat crazy and revolting food s well and in that case your eye, nose and stomach have to face a lot.Have a look on Top 10 Weird Looking Foods people eat round the globe.


People of Philippine and Vietnamese eat developed egg of duck which is 17-21 days old. They boil this egg and this id then served with beer.    

9.Casu Marzu

Literal meaning of Casu Marzu is rotten cheese which is traditionally made from the milk of sheep. In Sardinia a well known area of Italy this food is quite famous. During the production procedure of Casu Marzu cheese make put cheese outside in open air so that cheese fly laid their eggs in cheese and there is fermentation because of larva. Few people remove the moving worms on it while other even don’t bother. Initially it was banned but from last from years it is legally allowed and became a part of tradition.

8.Mongolian Boodog

In this food a goat is cooked by the sizzling stones filled in its own stomach.Looking quite harsh but all those who are use to eat it do so every time.In this recipe first the inside cavity is unsealed to remove air by pressure and then it is again sealed after addition of hot stones.People love to have this.

7.Thousand Year Old Eggs:

This food is quite famous in China.As its name showing it comprises of old eggs.This recipe is made by preserving the eggs of hen in the salt, quicklime ,rice hulls and  ash for weeks and sometimes months.These eggs get black eventually.No idea they may stink too but still Chinese are willing to eat these eggs known as thousand year old eggs.


People living in Cambodia have developed their taste buds according to the traditional food of their locality like other people of the world. They use to eat fried tarantulas a bud belongs to the class arthropods having size of human palm. This food is trivially known as “Ping”.


This recipe has more then one name as it is also known as “Skjelte”.It is a traditional food of Norwegian .This food recipe comprise of head of a sheep which is then smoked to cook. Initially it was used only by the poor people of locality as food but now as it is tradition other people also take this food.


It is a well known Korean dish. It consists of live octopus with is served with sesame and sesame oil. Some people take it safe and love to eat it. While in many cases it is observed that the tentacles of octopus may stuck and choke the throat and one can die because of it.

3.Kopi Luwak:

It is quite expensive food contains various varieties of coffee beans .Average cost of this food is 150USD  per pound. Basically there are defecated coffee beans by a small mammal known as ” Civet” which is indigenous to the South Asia.

2.Yak Penis:

It is a theme of famous saying that Chinese eat everything having four legs except table and eat everything that fly instead of aero plane. This famous recipe is also known as “Dragon in the Flame of Desire” and it is the specialty of Guolizhuang Restaurant of Beijing. Though it looks quite weird but Chinese think it is good to health so they should eat it.


This food recipe comprised of ant larvae specially obtain from agave plant.This food recipe is very famous in Mexico.This recipe is also known as “Insect Caviar”.According to people who use to eat it , its taste is similar to butter but slightly nutty.

Given above damn are the craziest recipes definitely liked by craziest people.I am sure majority of you will be quite shocked after reading this all.But this is life on world where everything is possible whatever you think or even can’t imagine.

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