Top 10 Unique Bridal Jewelry

The marriage ceremony is one of the most important occasions in anyone’s life and we the marriage ceremonies across the globe are celebrated with utmost glory and pride. Especially in the Asian countries the wedding ceremonies are considered so much important that huge amount is spent on the wedding ceremonies. But not only in the Asian countries but in the west as well the tradition is very much the same in west as well. But it has been seen that one point of interest across the globe in the wedding ceremonies is the bride. The participants of a wedding ceremony are always interested to see how the couple looks together and especially the bride is always the center of the attention in the wedding ceremonies .It is made sure now days by the brides that they look as perfect as they can on their marriage so the girls spend big bucks on their beauty and care to look ideal on their wedding. The first thing is the face and completion of the bride and now girls take several treatments and makeup sessions to make their skin look as fresh as they can.  The second thing which is considered is the dress and across the world thousands of bucks are spent to choose the best dress for their wedding ceremony. But along with it the selection of jewelry has become immensely important for the bridals to chose a good jewelry set which matches with their dress and no doubt that a good jewelry set can enhance the grace and beauty of a bride on her wedding. The jewelry sets are now days as expensive as you can think because you have to spend big to get big. Let’s have a look at top 10 unique bridal jewelry designs.

10. Faux Pearl Metal


This Faux Pearl Metal bridal jewelry set is really a nice one and it is not expensive at all. Well this is strange that this beautiful set is available only in 50 $ and it will surely suit on a western bride with white gown. The set includes beautiful white beads necklace and earrings and a crown with white crystals and beads come as well which will make the bride look like a princess.

9.Silver Plating Alloy Jewelry


This is a wonderful looking jewelry set with silver alloy plating and it has been crafted with beautiful small crystals and beads as well. The necklace is as beautiful as you can think and this set is available in only 70 $.

8.  Nag Beaded Jewelry Set


This is an Asian Jewelry set comes across from Pakistan as this country is well known for rich culture and tradition and this reflects in this beautiful nag beaded jewelry set t he dramatic center drop is large, unique shaped-crystal which gives this jewelry set a truly one-of-kind feel.


7. White Gold Asian Jewelry


Well this is not silver this is white gold and it is expensive as well but this unique jewelry design is made for both Asian and Western brides as well. The beautiful ear rings and necklace with pink crystal looks as good as anything.

6. White Flower design


This white flower designed jewelry is also an all in one collection which has got white pearl with diamonds and crustal looking as adorable as anything.

5. Indian Kundan Jewelry



Just look at this heavy metal gold set which comes from India. We all know that India is known for its best jewelry designs and this is pure gold with red stone. Well this should be expensive.  Beautiful masterpiece made for perfect Indian bride.

4. Colorful Beaded Design


This is a spectacular design made in Japan. It has got a great mixture of colors and class. The jewelry design has got colorful crystals and diamonds with gold which makes it look extremely gorgeous and attractive.

3. Pakistani stone gold design


This jewelry design comes once again from Pakistan as this heavy gold jewelry design contains some good piece of gold and surely only someone very rich would be able to buy this one but really this one is beautiful as the gold jewelry has red stone and emerald as well with it which is making it more graceful.

2. Diamond Gold Indian Jewelry


This design from India is incredible as it has got so many amounts covered. With carats of Gold and dozens of diamonds this jewelry design is great. The necklace and ear rings are adorable .

1.Emerald Jewelry


Emerald is one of the most expensive stones but this green stone has its own grace and this emerald jewelry set made in Scotland tops the list as this has got big emerald stones and white gold as well so it is real expensive and attractive as well.

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