Top 10 Sexiest and Hottest Female Wrestlers

There is nothing in this entire world that can be completed without hot, seductive women in it, weather it is a commercial, TV drama or even wrestling. Almost all parts of the industry need such hot looking women to increase the ratings and give people the pleasure to see the work of nature. These female wrestlers are the one who are completing the world of wrestling and making it gain much more popularity than it already has, keeping you much more entertained than you can think of. Check here the list of Top 10 Sexiest and Hottest Female Wrestlers:

10. Lita:


She is not just the most popular female wrestler of all times but the thing about her is that she is very hot and her presence in the ring can make people lose their mind with the enchanted beauty and body she has, giving her much more fame every time she steps on it.

09. Velvet Sky:


She is the only one female wrestler here that has no need of muscles or power to have the fighting battle won because her looks are more than enough to get her through anything that comes around. When she is in the ring she makes sure that the audience is getting completely entertained. though her real names is Jamie Szantyr but she is known in this world as velvet sky but no matter how many names she may have as long as her face and body remains the same she is good to go here and anywhere.

08. Ashley:


She is best known for the work that she has done in the WWE and all the accomplishments she has achieved during this time. She started her career as a pageant winner of a swim suit contest and after that she has also done the cover for play boy magazine.

07. Michelle McCool:


Her shelves are just full of the trophies and awards that she has won and those are the things which are enough to talk about her. She is the beauty that can keep you mesmerized by just one look and she is not just cool but pretty and cute as well.

06. Maria:


She is not just a professional wrestler these days but she has also been a singer, song writer, actress and a model as well. She is the one who has great power on her forte and this is why she is gaining much more popularity than anyone in this field. She stands at number 6th in this list because with her talents she also has un-matched beauty and the looks which are piercing and are to die for, making her a top listed in all the things that she does.

05. Christy Hemme:


There is almost nothing that Christy Hemme has not gotten herself int. whether it is modeling, singing, wrestling and acting, she has done it all and has made herself much more popular than any one of her fellows whose main reasons are her accomplishments.

04. Kelly-Kelly:


She looks like one of those extremely pretty and beautiful Barbie dolls. She has great blonde hair and a slim waist which is enough to get her on 4th position in this list. She has blue eyes and the kind of smile which is great to make her the dream girl of all the boys.

03. Victoria:


Lisa Marie Varon is her original name and she is the most professional wrestler that is present today. She is great at her fitness and she is a body builder as well. It is not just that she has got the most beautiful face among all but she also has got the body that has made her through this list. She also works for the national cheerleading association and has taken part in a lot of fitness competitions as well. Later she got encouraged for coming to the wrestling world and now she is a main part of it.

02. Melina:


In the world of wrestling sport, Melina is another one of the pretty faces that we have these days. She has dark colored hair that makes her even more sexy and attractive from her competitors and fellow female wrestlers. She speaks both English and Spanish and has got deep and dark seductive looks and body.

01. Trish Stratus:


When it comes to talking about the sexiest and hottest  female wrestlers then there is no one who can match the beauty and looks of Trish Stratus. She is the most beautiful, powerful and famous female wrestler of all times. She has been in this industry for a long period now but still there is no one who can keep up her standards that she has set for her rivals making her more famous than she was. She has also achieved the title of Babe of WWE immeasurable times now.

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