Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2014

Poverty is one among the main issues and it’s additionally thought-about as the mother of the all issues although they’re social or economic. It may offer birth to the crimes. There are such countries within the world wherever the individuals are still an excessive amount of poor to own the meal of twice to satisfy their hunger. Though the poorness is in every country but in some countries the folks live on the far side the low level of the economic condition. Here are 10 the poorest countries in the world per the stats of 2013.


10. Togo:



It is one of the poorest countries that we have in Africa. It was first ruled by France in colonial era but the economic and financial conditions are not so sustainable and have gone even worse after the civil wars that they had with other countries.


09. Malawi:



It is the sub-continent of Africa and is among the poorest country of the world because of the most poor communication system that they have. There are almost 47 land locked countries here in the world among which this one stands on number 19th with income per capita being only 85$.


08. Sierra Leone:

Sierra Leone


Although this country has gold and diamond industries but still considered being one of the poorest countries that we have in the globe. It is because the income of the capita is very below than the normal lines and also because the export of this country is very vast.


07. Eritrea:



The economy of this country is completely based on the agriculture that is present here. It is an African country and the only thing main about here are the exports of the country. Per capita income is 777 dollars and is among the top poorest countries of the world.


06. Central African Republic:

Central African Republic


It is the central African country and is also a land locked country just like Malawi. Economy is depending on the agriculture of the place and the disloyalty of the rulers with the public is the main reason why this country has its own downfall.


05. Burundi:



Burundi is one among the land latched countries having a population larger than its economy and its the fifth poorest countries in our list of prime ten poorest countries within the world. Its financial gain per capita is 614 $. Its folks are suffering through completely different diseases and issues like AIDS and HIV.


04. Niger:



Niger is a state expressed at West Africa having French its national language. Niger has a good issue of gender discrimination creating it an awfully exhausting place for girls to survive. It one among the land barred countries and has financial gain per capita below the poverty level. Its standing at the 186th position in HDI.


03. Liberia:



Liberia is third poorest country of the planet having associate financial gain per capita of 49$. This country has featured several civil wars and also the one happened in 1989 not destroyed its whole economy however badly affected the health of its folks. This country standing is extremely low in HDI.


02. Zimbabwe:



This is one among the country that has visage several civil wars from its enemy that it has destroyed most of its infrastructure that it’ll take a few years for this country to recover. This country is endued with numerous natural resources that it will improve its economy in no time and might offer their folks a much better commonplace of living however attributable to high corruption level it can’t be doable.


01. Congo:



Congo ordinarily referred to as democratic republic of Congo comes at the highest of this list Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2014. Its a Central state having a capita per financial gain of 348$ and its reasons for its economic downfall is that the same as for the countries declared on top of it.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2014

  1. What can be done for these contrys to gain back their place …….their have suffered alot now i think they dersever better then that each and every day bad thing’s are happen and for how long we there people stop suffering and have a good life like other’s ….what i know is that some of they have even loss hope and waiting for their death to come but i truely beleive that one day once a upon a time everything will pass away …….

  2. Iam working in non organasional institution.This information has touched me and it will assist me to reflect in the various project my organisation is undertaking to try to uplift the lives of Malawians.
    Iam deeply affected.

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