Top 10 Most Successful Bollywood Actors

The film industry isn’t solely filled with beauty queens; the trendy feminine stars however are additionally gifted long with the exciting male stars that rock not only on the silver screen however conjointly on the hearts of their infinite crazy fans as well. Their vogue is adopted by their fans and they are a role exemplary for them, they’re loved not only by their charming and stylish personalities but involves owing to their talent and skills. Bollywood is just immense and prodigious and also the celebrities of this sophisticated world are very paid extremely. Folks are interested by their favorite stars and their earnings; they’re considerably interested to understand the best paid Bollywood actors. There’s an enormous competition between these stars and each one needs to work effortlessly so as to contend and to create his distinct identity in movie industry. Here is that the list of Top 10 Most Successful Bollywood Actors.


10. Saif Ali khan:


He is the son of film industry actress Sharmila Tagore and Indian athlete Mansoor Ali; he recently married with renowned and delightful screenland actress Kareena Kapoor. He has charming temperament and has killing appearance, along with his hard work he has given variety of hit movies to business. He charges 15 Crores per film and is far-famed as Chota nawab in Bollywood film business. He superbly regulates himself in several acts and is basically excellent actor.


09. Amitabh Bachchan:

amitabh bachan

Amitabh Bachchan is one the fine and renowned actor of the history of Bollywood screen land and industry who remains loved by innumerable fans. His distinctive temperament with extraordinary talent and flexibility has created him one in all the foremost favorite actors of film industry. He is additionally called big B in business and charges about 20 Crores per film counting on the kind of film.


08. Ranveer Sing:

ranveer singh

One of the dashing and sensible actors of Bollywood screenland and industry is Ranveer Sing. He believed on hard work and since of being individual he’s a winner. He Is an ideal combination of dynamism and school boyish personal appeal. He charges 18 to 20 Crores per film. He is innocent; with magnetic temperament and capability he rocks on the hearts of varied fans everywhere the globe.


07. Ranbir Kapoor:

ranveer kapoor

The new rising rock star of Bollywood movie industry is Ranbir Kapoor. he’s versatile likewise as has enticing temperament, whose film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani evidenced to be a biggest hit of not solely the year however in addition for his career. Presently he charges half dozen to eight crore rupees per film. He entered the film business only few years back however has thus gained a lot of praise and fame.


06. Ajay Devgan:


Ajay devgan is one in all the far-famed actor, director and producer of Bollywood movie industry. He has done impractical, exhilarating yet as comic roles within the films. He is one in all the succeeding actors of screen land whose films go hit years when years. He burdens 20 to 25 Crores per film.


05. Hritik Roshan:


Hritik Roshan 1st super hero and Terpsichore star whose first film Kaho na Pyar Hai affected not solely his fans however additionally the trade industry. He showed that he has the potential to be a trade screenland hero and rock in industry. He has an incredible temperament, his acting in Koe Mil Gaya and Krish is admittedly extraordinary. He charges concerning twenty to twenty five crore rupees per film. He has paid an quantity of twenty five crore rupees for his flick Krish two.


04. Akshey kumar:

akshey kumar

A famed Indian actor and martial creative person who have appeared in more than hundred Indian films is Akshey kumar. He is called the fighting King of Bollywood movie industry and he charges regarding 40 crore rupees per film. He charming and stunt lover actor started his film career by beginning acting in action films.


03. Shahrukh Khan:

shah rukh khan

Shahrukh Khan is the third highest paid actor of Bollywood with unforgettable roles in various films; he’s within the heart of innumerable fans everywhere the globe. He is notable in media as “King Khan”“Badshah of Bollywoods fifty years recent and has vast contributions to movie industry with many achievements. He is the foremost considerable and notable character of film industry with unrivaled acting skills. He charges about thirty five to forty five Crores per film.


02. Amir Khan:

Aamir Khan

Amin khan may be a very far-famed personality of business screenland industry; he gained most fame and recognition simply from his few films. He is forty eight years old and has established himself as one of the leading actors in business movie and film industry. He charges forty to fifty Crores per film. He is recently paid forty five crore rupees for his approaching film Dhoom three.


01. Salman khan:

The highest paid Bollywood actor of 2016 is Salman Khan, conjointly called Bhai Jaan. He charged 60 crore for one movie.he’s one amongst the successful stars and charming personalities of Bollywood industry with distinct performing arts vogue. His previous movies like Ek Tha Tiger, Dabang,Kick and Bajrangi Bhai jan and Dabang two were super hit and stony-broke the records of business screen-land.

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