Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in The World 2018

Now days the world is not a safe place to live because the crime rates are increasing day by day and the terrorism and crimes are spreading especially the big countries in the world are suffering from the curses of terrorism and unrest issues. The countries are spending big on their arms and forces but it has been proved that you cannot keep the peace at a place with guns because fight is not a solution for any conflict. Where most of the countries across the globe are worried by the rising level of terrorism and crime there are certainly some peaceful places of land as well. There are such countries present in this world that spend not on the arms and forces but they spend big on education, health and other necessities.We can certainly wish that of we have been a citizen of the country where such peace and harmony is available as the peace and relaxation of mind has been becoming as rare as diamonds. But there are peaceful countries on the plane as well and we bring you the list of Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in The World 2016.This list is based on the per capita income, education, health and GPI index of the country and most importantly the crime rate.

10. zech Republic, GPI Score (1.341)

czech republic

Czech Republic is European country. It is one of the beautiful Tourist attraction in the world.The crime rate here is very low due to which You can visit or live this country with out any fear. Zech Republic has provided the emergency services for foreigners for their safety.

9.Australia, GPI Score (1.329)


Australia is a place with beautiful weather ,natural wonders and free from pollution. You can see here best educational system and infrastructure. The rate of robbery in Australia is very low. Here you will find population with multi culture. It is advantage for foreigner to live here with no fear. Australia is economically strong so there is a larger number of opportunities for job.

8. Japan, GPI Score (1.322)


Japan is the Asian country to be included in this list and surprisingly this big country which has population over 128 million people has recovered tremendously after the World war 2 and it has been one of the biggest ambassadors of peace and the turnaround of the approach has changed the fortune of the nation.

7. Canada, GPI Score (1.287)


Canada is the big country of the American continent and it has the population over 35 million people but still after having such a big population Canada is one of the safest places on planet. The Canadian government has cut down the budget of their military expenses in recent years and the murder ratio here is 1 out of 110000 people which is good.

6. Finland, GPI Score (1.277)


Finland is another European country in the list which has good rankings in the peace development and Finland population is near 6 million people and this country has not taken part in any kind of war and war activities since world war 2.

5. Switzerland, GPI Score (1.275)


Switzerland is best known these days for Roger Federer and Swiss Watches as well but Switzerland is one of the biggest exporters of the arms in Europe as well. But Switzerland only exports weapons to those countries who are not involved in international conflicts. Although the violent crime rate is very low there.


4. New Zealand, GPI Score (1.221)

New zealand

New Zealand is the country which is included in this list form the Australian continent and this nation is called as KIWIS. New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries as this country has small population of near 5 million people. They have only 0.5% spending for warfare.

3. Austria, GPI Score (1.198)


It is surprising to see that the countries which were violent and were part o the wars a few decades ago are now the most peaceful places on earth. Austria was the reason for the start of World War 2 but now this country is one of the most peaceful piece of land on earth. They spend only 0.8 % on their military budget.

2. Denmark, GPI Score (1.150)


Denmark is the country where the violent crime rate is as low as nothing and this country has cut down its military spending as well. The murder rate in Denmark is also 1 person per 100000 people and per capita income s 56000$ annually which is very good as well. The population of Denmark is more than 5 million people.

1. Iceland,  GPI Score (1.148)

1. iceland


Iceland is the country which has a small population of only 300,000 people and this small nation has actually no official Army. It is ranked here at number first position in Top 10 Peaceful Countries in the World 2016 list.They  take part in any war activities and Iceland has almost 0% crime rate which looks like a dream come true. Well  thinking to pack my luggage and shift to Iceland.

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