Top 10 Most Expensive Casinos Of The World

Today often mechanic busy life has tried out the man to spend somewhat leisures moments. Despite the rich natural beauty invite us to free our minds from the busy routine man has tried to find the artificial ways to enjoy themselves out. Casinos are literally defined as facilities entitled for the gambling activities and such places are often known as the gaming industry. Besides lower economic values people from all over the globe made their way to Glamorous Casinos. Often casinos are built near luxury hotels, parks, and big shopping malls. Most of the expensive casinos of the world are located in the North America and Europe. Why not you try out if lady luck your side to throw dice at one of the most fabulous casinos of the world? Here are brief descriptions of the Top 10 Most Expensive Casinos Of The World according to their location and gambling activities.

10. City of Dreams( Cost: 2.15$ billion)

City of dreamsThe flashing lights and water swirls tend to impress visitors. The hotel boasts with hundreds of rooms and best gambling activities.


9. Wynn Las Vegas( Cost: 4.53$ billion)

Wynn las vegusCasinoCasino Wynn is located on the coastal strip of Las Vegas offers the best sites for golf. The hotel was named after the famous billionaire Steve Wyne. The club has eye catching water fall inside the casino and boasts with luxury apartments and Ferrari dealerships.

8. Sentosa (Singapore)( Cost: 5.5$ billion)


The casino Santosa has grand opening in February 2011, ever since the club has thousands of thousands of visitors per day. The complex consists of restaurants, several bars, the hotel boasts with over two thousand rooms and luxury apartments. Beside the casino doesn’t offer gambling activities yet.

7. City Center Las Vegas( Cost: 9$ billion)

city center las vegas casino

The casino city world covers the area of about.5 million square miles are the first largest private sectors ever in the history of America. The complex boasts with elegant bars and an open theater. Besides, it has four hotels and offers dozens of slot machines, craps and gaming zones.

6. Crown Casino  Melbourne, Australia( Cost: 2$ billion)


Pointing towards far east, Crown Casino lies in the heart of Melbourne, the capital of Australia. Although there are many clubs in Australia, but the casino Crown Casino is most elegant and expensive all over the Australian. The complex opened for the general public in 1997 offers gambling activities, corps, blackjacks.

5. The Claremont Club-London( Cost: 3.2$ billion)


Claremont Club is located somewhere in the mid of Mayfair’s Berkshire, London is notorious for its gambling activities. The casino never sleeps all over night, rich with musical panoramas, dark square dating sites .The Club offers a premium membership for its followers. Complex offer six table games. Blackjacks and English roulette.

4. Sun City  South Africa( Cost: 800$ million)

sun city casino

About 50 kilometers outside of Johannesburg lying Sun City. Casinos offer safari and private Gaming zones for visitors. The complex consists of four hotels and a vast area for dating and outbound activities. There are about 800 slot machines, blackjacks, America poker and craps.

3. Bellagio USA( Cost: 1.5$ billion)


Belgium is located in the coastal strip of Las Vegas making it one of the famous casinos of the America. It was built-in 1995 with the cost estimated to be the 1.5$ billion. The complex boasts with one thousand slot machine, craps, poker.

2. Casino Baden-Baden  Germany( Cost: 60 million Euros)


Casino Baden covers the area of about 32 kilo square foots famous for its fabulous flashing lights and hollow cascade of water springs. The Casino was opened for its gambling activities since 1809 and became to the eye catching sites for most of the royalty ever since. Visitors are allowed for gaming on 114 slots and 24 game tables.

1. Casino de Monte Carlo( Cost: 14$ billion)


The Casino did Monte Carlo attracts most of the filthy rich billionaires and movie stars from all over the world. The Casino is situated in the vicinity of Monte Carlo the place near Monaco. The complex covers the vast area surrounding the old fashioned Motels and some of the busiest shopping malls. Casinos are rich with the glamorous activities which include The Battles De Monte Carlo and Grand Theater De Monte Carlo.


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