Top 10 Largest Churches in the World


Below are the top 10 Largest Churches in the world according to size(Area). building which is for the purpose of Christian worship is called a Church(If you guys don’t know what is a church although we know that most of you know about it).

Check here Top 10 Largest Churches in the World

10. Cathedral of Saint Sava

This Church is located in Belgrade(city of Serbia). This was built in the memory of “Saint Sava” It was completed in 2003. It is not a Cathedral actually because it is not the seat of a bishop. In Serbian it is called a Hram. It is called church because of its size and importance.

9. Basilica-Cathedral of our Lady of the Pillar

The Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady of the Pillar is located in the city of “Zaragoza”. It is reputed to be the first church dedicated to Marry in history. The architecture is of “Baroque” style, and the present building it was built between 1681 and 1872. It is ranked as 9th biggest Church in the world.


8. Church of the Most Holy trinity

It is located in Fatima(city of Portugal). It was built in the Shrine of title=”Our Lady of F¡tima” It was completed in the year 2007. This Church has around 8500 seats. It is ranked as 8th biggest Church in the world.


7. Liverpool Cathedral

It is located in Liverpool(city of England). It is the seat of the Bishop of Liverpool. It was built in 1978. It is the Largest Anglican cathedral and church in Europe. With a height of 100.8 metres (331 ft) it is also one of the world’s tallest non-spired church buildings and the third tallest building in the city of Liverpool.


6.Basilica of our Lady of Lichen

It is a Roman Catholic church which is located in the city of”LicheStary” (city of Poland). It is the Poland’s largest Church and also ranked as the 6th largest Church of world. It took 10 years to complete this church and was built between 1994 to 2004. Its central dome is 98 meters high.


5. Milan Cathedral

As the name suggests it is located in Milan(A city of Italy). It is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente (Saint Mary Nascent). It took six centuries(1386-1965) to complete this Amazing Cathedral and is ranked as the Largest Cathedral of  Italy. It is the seat of the”Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milan”


4. Cathedral of Saint John The Divine

It is located in New York(City of United States of America). It is not fully completed yet. It is lacking”Transept” among other components..The inside height of the nave is 37.8 meters (124 feet). It is ranked as the 4th largest Church of the World.


3. Seville Cathedral

It is located in Seville which is a city of Spain. It is another Church of Spain which is ranked among top 10 Churches of the world. It is also ranked as the largest”Gothic architecture”  Cathedral in the world. It was finished building in the 16th century(1520). It was actually built to show Seville’s wealth.


2.Basilica of the National Shrine of our Lady of Aparecida

It is located in”Aparecida” (City of Brazil). It is ranked as the 2nd largest Church of the World.It is dedicated to the”Our Lady of Aparecida” . It was finished building in 1955. Its volume is actually similar to the Largest Church but that Church has a very larger area as compared to this Church and as well as others.


1. St. Peter’s Basilica

Ladies and Gentleman your wait is over. This is the World’s Largest Church in the World. Although its volume is almost same as that of Basilica of the National Shrine of our Lady of Aparecida As described in its post too but it is very much larger as compared to it. It is located in”Vatican City” In Roman Catholic tradition, the basilica is the burial site of its namesake”Saint Peter” one of the 12 apostles of Jesus and, according to tradition, was the first Bishop of Rome and therefore first in the line of the “Papal” succession. It was completed in 1626. It took a century to complete this Wonderful Church.

Panorama showing the facade of St Peter at the centre with the arms of Berninis colonnade sweeping out on either side.

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