Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses 2014

Hollywood is just filled up with these amazing and good looking actresses who are why being in the lead for the hottest and amazing looking is the major reason of fight among all these stars. The main thing about the Hollywood actresses that is noticed is how beautiful, hot and sexy they are, how attractive are their looks and if their looks compliment their work on not. Following is a list of Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses 2014  that we have in 2014 along with their little description and work them have already done for their looks:


10. Jenifer Connelly:


 Jenifer Connelly


Though the start of her career was from singing into the movies and playing small roles as she could get but with her looks and her body she has now become the foremost reason of successful Hollywood movies and is in great demand this year in many of the upcoming films as well.


09. Megan Fox:

Megan Fox


Megan Fox is a very famous name in the Hollywood movie industry and she is probably one of those actresses who have their fans all over the world and in every part of it. She is not just hot and sexy but she is a very bold actress as well that is why she has done some of the most bold and amazing characters and roles in her film career and this is why she is included in the list of top most actresses that Hollywood has at the current moment.


08. Kelly Brook:


 Kelly Brook


She is not just the most famous model of this industry but is also one of the most famous actresses of the present world. She has the boldest curves and body among all which is why she has done millions of photos and photo shoots that has given her this fame.






She is the seventh sexiest as well as the hottest celebrity that we have in Hollywood movie industry.  She belongs to Spain and was bred over there and now about 37 years old but there is no doubt that she still has the perfect body and has managed to make herself look even younger by making the right use of her innocent and doll face.  She is the eye candy of Hollywood and has many upcoming projects in which her work is not just exceptional but her looks are even more killing.


06. Jessica Alba:


 Jessica Alba


She is very famous for her looks and the sort of energy that she shows on set and in her movies which is why she is now doing a lot of main and leading roles in several movies and ruling the hearts of millions of people with those looks and smile.


05. Marion Cotillard:


 Marion Cotillard


She is known as a very bold actress as well as the queen of Hollywood industry and stands at number 5th  of this list whose main reasons are only the body that she has got her bold roles in the movie and charming looks that keeps you mesmerized.


04. Salma Hayek:

Salma Hayek


She is a Mexican actress and belong to Mexico and her personality and life has always been very much affair free. But the main reason why she is in this list is not just the work that she has done in the industry and the passions she has for movies but it is because of the fact that she is one of the most beautiful yet sexy actresses of Hollywood because she has got that beautiful and sleek figure that makes her attractive not only in the movies but in real life as well.


03. Charlize Theron:


 Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron is one of the beautiful and good looking actresses that we have these days. She is now almost 37 years old but she has managed to look seductively good and sexy in this age as well making her stand on number 3rd of this list.


02. Bar Refaeli:


 Bar Refaeli


She is the only actress among all that just doesn‘t have the personality to be in the movies but also a smile that has now melted millions and billons of people who love her for who she is, this reflects in her body which is so gorgeous that it can have a magical effect on all of the fans and it shows in her work as well.

1. Olivia Wilde:


 Olivia Wilde


With her dazzling looks and great figure Olivia Wilde has now become the top most Hottest Hollywood Actress  of this list. Her work in her movies is not the only things that has made several people fall in love with her but it is her looks, her eyes, her figure and her sexy acting that has got her here. She is now working on some great projects and will soon be revealed with her complete glory in all of her upcoming movies.


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