Top 10 Hottest and Sexiest Bollywood Actresses 2018

Indian film industry which gives specific highlight to the Bollywood film industry have plenty of eye candies to give a treat to their fans as they do so by exposing their heroines with not just their body but with their talents and assets as well. They have an idea that showing their flesh to the viewers is one of the best ways they can earn the sort of stardom they are hoping to get.  Following is a list of Top 10 Hottest and Sexiest Bollywood Actresses 2018 that we have in Bollywood who are ruling the world by their killer looks and body.

10. Sunny Leone:


She is most popular indo-canadian porn star. She is the sort of actress who does not need a man if she is acting in a movie. She is the only one who does not care about her clothing and her style and does not refrain from wearing sexy dresses in the events. She has sharp looks and amazing style. She has appeared in many Bollywood movies.

09. Alia Bhatt:


She is the youngest super star of the Bollywood film industry and she is one of the luckiest girls in town as she got to work with Karan Johor during the initial period of her career. She has taken that opportunity to its fullest and has proven this to all of us that she is not just talented but sexy and good looking and rock that silver screen in her upcoming movies. She is beautiful and have her hands filled with the debut awards for her movie.

08. Shrada Kapoor


She is an addition to all the pretty, sexy and beautiful divas that we have in Bollywood film arena. She is not just cute and bubbly but she can be very sexy on screen as well which is why she now rules the heart of millions of her fans.

07. Nargis Fukhri


She is rocking her every movie since the day she has stepped into the line and now there is nothing stopping her from being on the top. she has made great contributions in the film line and though she is not the typical size zero model and actress that a lot of people like but has managed to look sexy on screen and off screen by her looks and charming personality.

06. Anushka Sharma:


She is the baby doll of yash raj film industry. She started her career by playing the role of simple looking girl against Shahrukh khan so she had to gain fame but from there she has proved from her movies that she has sexy appeal, she can be hot and beautiful and act very well as well.

05: Jackueline Fernendez:


Her films are superhit and best working at the box office these days because she has worked really hard for this thing. She has the most amazing fashion sense and can rule the heart of thousands from her hot looks and sexiness.

04: Priyanka Chopra:


She has ruled the film industry without any assistance from the heroes of this world among which her film fashion is the major example. She is sexy, hot and has also won the pageant of Miss World in 2000.

03: Deepika Padukone


This girl has the cutest dimples in the history of Bollywood and has now become one of the famous stars of the industry. Her first debut was Om Shanti Om which was a major hit. She is among the most versatile actress of Bollywood and at one time she can be the girl next door while at the other she can be the most modern fashion diva.  She is smart, she knows how to act, and she has the body and height to kill for and is appreciated by the fans of her for almost all kinds of roles that she performs in.

02. Katrina Kaif:



She is beautiful, she is talented and she has got the angelic look that has gotten her all the fame she has now. She was born in Hong Kong but bred in Hawaii and London and therefore her accent and her looks are most distinct and are to die for. Her Hindi is not so good but her doll face is enough to cover that all up for her.

1.Kareena Kapoor:


Refugee was the first movie Kareena Kapoor made her first debut in and with her innocent looks and white body, she got really famous among all soon enough. She has acted in more than 30 films now and has shown that she is not just sexy but she can be very versatile and can keep up the name of her family in the industry. She is now the leading actress of film industry and is ruling the box office with her super hits every year now.

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