Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crimes.

The ratio of rape crimes are increasing significantly in all the regions of the world but the most interesting fact about the rape crime is that the top countries which have the most numbers of rape incidents recorded are the countries which claim to be the modern and advanced secular countries. But the brutality and sexual frustration of those societies is unveiled by the reports  which are published and after analyzing closely we complied the list of Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crimes.

10. Belgium

Belgium is a country of Europe which is included in one of the peaceful countries of the world as well as the crimes like robbery and murders are rarely reported here but the other side of the picture tells different story as the rape incidents are increasing in Belgium and approximately 2240 rape incidents per year are reported in this country. Most of the cases are not reported yet but the authorities have serious work to do to control it.

9. Thailand

Thailand is the country which has a sexual explicit modern culture where the sex houses and prostitution is not considered a strange thing at all and this culture of Thailand’s cities in particular is rising the rape incidents in the country for sure as in Thailand more than 4000 rape incidents are reported annually which include gang rapes as well.

8. Russia

Russia is the biggest country of the world in respect to area covered and this country is not behind at all in this list as in Russia thousands of rape incidents are recorded. It was accused by the British and USA forces that Russian Army was involved in hundreds of gang rapes incidents in World War 2. But today Russia has almost 6000 + rape cases recorded per year.

7.  Sweden

Sweden is also a peaceful country of Europe but similarly to Belgium the rape crime is getting common in this country as a report recently indicated that almost every fourth woman in Sweden is a victim of rape incident which shows the seriousness of this crime in this country.

6. Germany

Germany is a big country of Europe and have a big population as well so we can expect the crime ratio to be big as well in this country. Germany is the country where the Catholics have allowed the birth control pills for the female victims therefore the rape crime is increasing here and almost 8700 rape crimes are reported annually here.

5. Canada

Canada is one of the peaceful countries of the world but the strange thin g in this list is that the countries where robbery and murders are less reported are involved in rape crime big time. In Canada it is estimated that every third girl has face rape incident in her life but only 7% of the rape incidents are reported in Canada.

4. Mexico

Mexico is a dangerous place to visit because the street crime is at its peak in this country moreover the street gangs are involved in serious criminal activities as well. The rape crime is a common crime in Mexico and now the foreigners are also not safe here because recently six Spanish tourist girls were raped and killed brutally in Mexico. Last year  more than 14 thousand rape incidents were recorded in Mexico.

3. India

India claims itself to be a country which is secular and progressing towards the modernism but the reality is very fierce as in India thousands of rapes and gang rapes happen but only 1% of the events are reported here and in the country sides of India the local courts “Punchayat” even orders the gang rapes of females in public places which is a shame. A report said that in India more than 100 thousand rape cases take place but only 10 to 12000 cases are reported.

2. South Africa

South Africa is probably the most advanced country in the region as in South Africa there is a lot of cultural diversity now and in the cities of South Africa the people from all the parts of world are living. The exposure of body especially from the overseas inhabitants is attracting the rapists and South Africa reports more than 50 thousand rape incidents per year which is huge.


USA claims to be the super power of the world and the country which has the most modernized society but a big question mark arise on the modernization of USA when one watches the statistics that more than 90 thousand rape incidents are reported annually in USA which makes it the biggest country for the rape crime and in USA 91% of the victims are females while 9% of boys are also raped. The rape incidents in the US army have also been reported and this raises a big question on the country which claims it to be the super power of the world.

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