Top 10 Countries With Highest Literacy Rate 2016

The only thing which separates the human beings from the animals is the education. The education has made the world change totally and it is due to the skills and education that we see tremendous development and progress of the world. The world has become a global village now and as new technologies are being introduced it is very necessary for a person, a society and for a country to keep the pace with the modern world. If we compare between the well developed and under developed countries of the world we will find the main reason which separates the third world countries from other countries is the lack of education.

Education is very important because in the society where the people are not educated they actually don’t have the basic sense of what to choose for themselves. The countries where education is not a high priority, un employment rises there and the rise in un employment causes the different crimes. But there are many countries that pay special attention to the education sector and spend good amount of their budget in the education sector. So let have a look at the Top 10 Countries With Highest Literacy Rate 2016.

10. Australia

Australia is the country in fact a continent which is separated from rest of the world geographically but it is considered one of the most developed countries of the world. Australia is a big attraction for foreign students especially from Asia and the education percentage in Australia is 38.3 % . Australia spends 6.1% of its GDP annually in the field of education.

9. Finland

Finland is a small country of the Europe and this country is surrounded by the countries like Switzerland and Norway. There are not many reasons for which Finland is known for but certainly this country has focused on the education sector as the total percentage of educated people in Finland in 39.3% .

8. New Zealand

New Zealand is the country which has the total population of 4.5 million and this country in the neighbor of Australia. New Zealand is known for its tourism mainly but this small populated country has been paying good attention on its Education sector as well as the “Kiwis” have the literacy rate of 39.6 %.

7. United Kingdom

United Kingdom England is known for its best educational institutes in the world and most of the under developed countries still take the UK style of education in their system. Overall United Kingdom has got 39.7 % educated people in their population.

6. South Korea

South Korea is the first country to be included in this list from Asia as this Far East Asian country has emerged as a big industrial power and the reason for the industrial development in Korea is surely the increase in their education rate. Korea has incredible 40.4% literacy rate.

5. USA

United States of America is considered as the most developed country of the world with leading in the technology USA is considered as the super power of the world. They have a big population of 180 million but still they have good literacy rate of 42.4 % and USA spends 7.3% of their GDP on education.

4. Israel

Israel is th3 country with a small populations but this country is financially well established therefore they have got a lot to spend on their education and Israel is at the no.4 in the list as Israel has a literacy rate of 46.4 % and they spend 7.5 % of their GDP in the education sector.

3. Japan

Japan is the industrial leader in the world and hats off to this nation as they have recovered after the 2nd world war. Japan’s industrial technology is considered the best in the world and this country has got incredible literacy rate of 46.5 %.

2. Canada

Canada is the country which is neighbored by USA and this country has been emerging as a good tourism place as well as the students from across the world are now migrating to Canada because this country offers good education and opportunities as well. Canada  spends 6.6% of their GDP on education and the literacy rate in Canada is 51.3%. That’s incredible.


Russia is the leader in the list of Top 10 Most Educated Countries in the World and this will surprise a lot. As this country has got the largest area covered on the planet but the good infrastructure and policy making has made Russia the most educated country of the world. Russia has got the literacy rate of 53.5% . Hats Off to Russia for topping the list of most educated countries.


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