Top 10 Countries With Highest Defense Budget

As the world is developing and making some of amazing recognized advancements in different fields, same as it is also facing some of problems, threats and issues. All of the countries in the world are facing a lot of security threats from each other on different issues. In the past two world wars have been taken place and now our world is fighting against the terrorism, an enemy which is not recognized till today. That’s why there are most of countries have made their defense budget too much high. Here we are presenting a list of Top 10 Countries With Highest Defense Budget.

10. Sweden 

At the last position we have Sweden with the total capital of $ 15, 500,000,000. It is also making a progress to enhance its protection shield and to make some of advancements in its attack criteria on enemy.


9. India 

India is in our list with the total defense budget of $15, 600,000,000, with its progress in the field of economy and technology it is getting advanced in defense and war industry. This is because of its neighbor rival Pakistan. From the day of independence both of the countries are fighting with each other on different matters and still the battle field is on.


8. China 

Another emerging economy China is  with the total defense budget of $ 17, 000,000,000. Like the other field china is getting advanced in the field of defense because its economic development alarms it to maintain its defense resources.


7. Germany 

Germany is also in the race to get the best defense shield against its enemies, with the total budget of $ 21, 000,000,000 it is at the seventh position in our list. At present it is not having a Hitler but it is struggling to get advanced in all of defense weapons.


6. France 

With the total budget of $ 25, 300,000,000 France is at the sixth position in our list. Like the other countries France is also concerned about its security and the protection of the entire citizen and its independence.


5. Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia a well known Islamic state which does not require any kind of introduction is at the fifth position in our list with the total defense budget of $ 27, 200,000,000. In the past time it was considered in those countries which do not have an army because they do not have any security issues or threats. But at present due to some of security threats and an emerging aggression between the countries now Saudi Arabia has its own army and a defense budget as well.


4. United Kingdom 

United Kingdom is at the fourth position in our list with highest defense budgets with the total defense budget of $ 34, 400,000,000. It is a well known economy and has a number of well known states and cities in it which attract a huge number of people here from around the world every year and make a better effect on the economy. As compare to the expansion of the state the United Kingdom requires a huge defense budget that is enough for the state to stay well equipped, advance and ready for protection. Other than that like United States the Untied Kingdom is also involved in some of external wars that demand a high budget.


3. Japan 

The total defense budget of Japan is $ 40, 400,000,000 which is a major part of its total budget. From the economy’s point of view Japan is in the top listed countries and from the past few years it is considered as the hub of economy and all of the technological advancements are brought up by the Japanese industries which are further used and prolonged by the other countries.


2. Russia 

Another former super power which is in the race of being the best in the whole world named Russia which is at the second position in our list with the total defense budget of $ 44, 000,000,000. As we all know that Russia and United States are the former rivals who are in a continuous battle of being most powerful against each other since the World War II. With the passage of time and advancement in nuclear technology both of the countries are preparing themselves against each other and also strengthening their defense mechanism.


1. United States 

One super power of the world that effects hold the economies of different countries in the world, the United States. With the total defense budget of $ 291, 100,000,000 it is at the top of the list. The defense budget of the US is much more than the total budget of other constructive elements of the state like education, infrastructure, and health and much more. Another reason for this extraordinary defense budget is the involvement of United States in the other countries and its initiate against the Taliban and terrorism.

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