Top 10 Comedy Movies In 2013

Comedy movies are one of the most watched genres of the Hollywood movies and people look forward every year to watch the bets of the best hits of the year.  It is the funny genre and the making of such movie requires much more of laughter than action and tears which is why they are the kind of movies people enjoy and love to watch which can rule but the charts and blockbusters. The pleasures these movies provide to the audience are highly immense.  The top ten Comedy Movies In 2013   include:


10: Scary Movie 5:

Scary Movie 5


They are the sequel movies that almost none of the fans want to end. This is why Ashley Tisdale is in the new sequel of this movie and they are back with the laughter‘s that will make your day.  This movie is a comic spoof of the paranormal activity sequels and involves stalking of the baby by evil spirits.


09. The Hangover Part 3:

The Hangover Part 3


This is the third art of this sequel movie and this time around they are not showing any kidnapping, wedding and deliriums rather they have shown what happen when the wolf pack hits the road.


08. Grown Ups 2:

Grown Ups 2


In this movie Adam Sandler has made everyone laugh by acting as a grown up and this movie has taken its fan back to the good old days of schools and colleges in which the grown-ups are trying to learn things up against time.


07. The Identity Thief:

The Identity Thief


This movie is about losing the identity of a person but in a more hilarious and funny way. Melissa McCarthy has acted very well in this movie and shown to have stolen the ID of Jason Bateman, going happily round the world using his credit cards but he soon finds out the real case and goes after her.


06. The Bling Ring:

The Bling Ring


This movie basically is about the group of teens which are also known as the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch who are not just involved in a   sequence of burglaries and rip off celebrities on usual basis but finally get caught.


05. The Big Wedding:

The Big Wedding


In this movie both Robert De Nero and Diane Keaton are trying to keep their difference together very hard and has shown the importance of the weddings particularly when they are divorced and knowing that your sons biological mother is coming for the event, making it one of the best comedy movies of the year.


04. The Delivery Man:

The Delivery Man


The concept is going to be much more of concept as the riot of this movie is. In this movie Vince Vaughan has played the role of a sperm donator in his young and early days and has fathered more than 300 children and the hilarious part about this movie is the quest his babies are on.


03. about Time:

about Time


It is another story about being 21 years old and looking out for the love of your life. In the movie Tim who is the main lead discovers about the superpowers and the way of traveling in time to meet the love of his life.


02. Admission:



Movie revolves around the girl named Portia whose life takes another turn when she head to another high school who is run by his former college mate but what happens when she finds out there is a student that she herself gave up for an adoptions years ago’


01. 21 and Over:

21 and Over


It is another story which is ranked at number first in Top 10 Comedy Movies In 2013 list .It is  about being 21 and you are a bookworm, has an exam tomorrow but what will happen if few of your friends show up at yourself having beer at your place. It is about changing your life in just a night.

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