Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens 2018

Halloween is the occasion where almost everyone from toddlers to kids and from teens to adults all can get ready in their scary or part outfits and can go trick or treating on the doors of their neighbors, friends and family. Above everyone, teens are the most concerned about their outfits but luckily for their help, following are Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens 2018.

10.Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes:

With her monogram sunglasses, blunt blonde bangs, and flair for thieving the attention, directing this pop perception is as informal as flinging on your favorite sunnies and striking a pose.  All you have to get is a long blonde wig and an oversized pair of sunglasses and a cool, classic outfit that defines her..

9.Alice In Wonderland Costumes:

It is one of the most favorite characters when it comes to talking about teenage girls and so this year is can be perfect if you dress up like her with a blue frock and open hair hanging to your shoulders. This Halloween costume is fun and cool and almost everyone is going to love what you are wearing if you dress up like this.

8.Vampire Costumes:

Vampires are very famous in teens these days because of the fact that there are so many movies and shows being made on the subject. It is very easy to buy red contact lenses, red lipsticks, red capes and fake fangs that will be perfect to make you look like one of them so you can enjoy better at the day.

7.Superman Costumes:

For a fun Halloween this years, boys can go with the famous superman costume which should be a red, blue and black bodysuit features authentic character details. This costume is a perfect fit for the superhero lovers and can be worn if all of your friends are also dressing up like other superheroes to make a great team.

6.Astronaut Costumes:

For geeky teens, wearing an astronaut costume this Halloween is a perfect plan. The Astronaut halloween costume consists of a white cotton zipper-front jumpsuit with official looking badges and black details but the material should be of cotton so you can stay at ease and comfort while wearing it.

5.Mario Costume:

It is the perfect outfit this Halloween to save your princess and is a plumber signature outfit with long sleeves t-shirts and overall blue clothes with tallow buttons and must contain the hat that has the letter M on it so everyone knows the theme behind your dress. A hat, moustache, jumpsuit and white gloves are the major requirements.It will be one of the best Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens 2018.

4.Pirate Costume:

Rebellious of the Sea Pirate Costume structures a top with an attached faux suede top, red fit and wafting sleeves. The belt is ornamented with a decorative clip, and the black boot covers have a corresponding red trim. Finish the Pirate Costume with the brown pants and striped headscarf for a fearsome look this year.

3.Greek Goddess Costumes:

This halloween costume is the most regal among all and is also very comfortable in wearing and carrying. A loose white or gold dress and a braided garland instantly conjure Mount Olympus’s most beautiful goddesses that you too can easily be.

2.Fairy Costumes:

You can look one in a million by getting a fairy costume this year. You can easily choose to merely dawn wings and your everyday clothes or go all out with shimmer and a stick, and you will be purely captivating.

1.Witch Costumes:

In Top 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Teens 2018  you can try and be something really wicked this year on Halloween and for this dressing up like a witch is a perfect thing to do. Witch Costume must feature a green dress with purple lacing on the bodice, handy suspenders, an attached checkered belt and a tiered skirt with purple trim and green plaid.

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