Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in America

It is always confusing for people when they are going to purchase car insurance from any suitable company. People prefer the companies which are best and provide them good profit in return whether it is working online or not. There are many car insurance companies in America , but the top 10 best car insurance companies in America 2016 are mentioned here in this list.

10. Liberty mutual


This car insurance company was founded in 1912 in Boston and is still working very well for people. This car insurance is best all over and its performance is better than all others.  The staff of this company is cooperative, friendly and professional and there are no more charges for insurance as other companies charge a huge amount to people. This company is a great provider and has good rates for customers. Their services are unbeatable and services are exceptional. It offers a number of discounts and now it is a mutual holding company better serving in international property and casualty markets.

9. Allstate


This most famous company was founded in 1931 and now become the best traded company of the world. The independent agencies and corporate offices of this company are located in America and Canada. The consumer can easily buy and can get insurance by exclusive financial representatives. More than 1200 agencies of this company are located in America. The agencies of this company are working with three names Esurance, Encompass and Allstate. It is one of the 500 largest property holder companies of the America. This company offers discounts to consumers depending upon their age, driving skills and safety features of the car.

8. State Farm


It is an excellent car insurance company for local consumers. It was founded in 1920 and become one of the best car insurance companies. Now it has more than 1800 agents working with the America and Canada. Its agencies are working in both countries. The aim of this car insurance company is to provide the insurance to the car drivers of the rural areas, farmers and to the car drivers of small towns in the country. It is a little bit expensive bit its services are really great.

7. Geico


This car insurance company was founded in 1942  and it is a government employee car insurance company. This company was founded by two friends named Leo and Lillian Goodwin. Their aim at initial stages was to provide insurance to the federal employees and to the members of the military forces, but now it is providing services to all people. It is a well known company for its advertising campaigns and other discount services. Now it is offering insurance services in the fifty states of the country.

6. Nationwide


This car insurance company was founded in 1943 and it is working in twelve states of the Columbia. It has its 40 story headquarter in Ohio State and its aim is to provide the car insurance to the farmers of the Ohio. It provides discounts and incentives for its drivers to wear the seat belts. The customer services of this company are great and cheap for customers.

5. AAA


This company was founded in 1904 . It is most famous for its emergency and 24 hour service. It is a nonprofit organization and it headquarter is located in Heathrow. It only provides insurance to the local people of the country and does not provide insurance to the people of other states and countries. It provides the incentives to the drivers due to good driving records, safety features and for driver training of students and seniors.

4. 21th century insurance


This car insurance was founded in 1958 and it provides insurance to the farmer insurance groups of companies and has more than 2,000 agents working on it. It provides insurance to all vehicles but more incentives at cars. It is also serving 24 hours a day ad is serving customers in all emergency situations.

3. Travelers


This car insurance company was founded in 1864 and it is a publicly held company and is located in New York. It is known for its red umbrella logo.

2. Farmers


It was founded in 1928 and is best from all car insurance companies working for farmers. It is offering large incentives and has more than fifty polices for farmers of different stages. It is an acquired and well known farmer group.

1. Progressive


This company was founded in 1958 a It is a most advance company. It is working on the believe that providing the car owners with security and protection is a good investment.

Hope you will enjoy to read this Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in America list.

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