Top 10 Beautiful Female Politicians in the World

A few years back only men were allowed to take their parts in the world of politics while the females were forbid to do any of it but now just like many regulations this has changed as well and there are many countries where women are a major part of the society as well as politics. These politicians are not just very charming and beautiful but have worked their way through the whole politics and now stand on the higher path. The top ten beautiful female politicians in the world are:

10. Maria Rosaria Carfagna:

She is now known as one of the most beautiful and charming ministers which are present in the world. Although Maria Rosaria Carfagna is known for her image as the top less model and this past of her has also made her a target of criticism even now and then but she charmingly refuses all the allegations on her.

09. Orly Levy

She is the most energetic and enthusiastic politicians that one can ever see in the world. Her single look is just way enough to raise the adoration of anyone who looks at her. She has a straight shooter sort of looks and her smile is just killing for all her admirers which are why she is now the most loving topic of conversation in the media of Israel. She has served her help in Israel air force as well and her beauty is never dying.

08. Alina Kabaeva:

She has got the kind of looks that can make anyone have sweat vapors on their forehead even in the freezing cold temperature. She is the most amazingly attractive gymnast and is the member of Russian parliament and is the hottest subject during these days in the media.

07. Joanna Kabaeve:

During the year 2007 the political world of Poland was blessed sweetly with this beautiful and sexy looking politician, Joanna Kabaeve. She is a Ph.D. holder in economics and has the beauty that is completely unmatched from all her coworkers that can keep you mesmerized for hours once you have a look at her.

06. Eva Kaili:

She looks like the most amazing sketch that has made by a great artist and one look at her will make you even think so as well. She is hotter than any of the hottest politicians in the world and also worked in a newscast network as one of them apart from her career in the world of politics. She has the looks that can give high fashion models a tough time and also has got the talent that can help her through the international fashion festivals and parades as well.

05. Anna Maria Galojan:

She looks like a goddess with the way she presents her stunning as well as enchanting beauty in front of everyone. She is one of the most fragrant one among all the female politicians around her. She is a great hot shot politician of the Estonia.

04. Ruby Dhalla:

She is not just a very well-known politician of the world but also she has been rewarded previously as Miss Canada runner up during the year of 1993. She is considered as the woman of style and elegance and the way she carries herself around also predicts that as well.She has her degree in biochemistry and after she got done with her studies she joined politics and since then she has been doing very well in this field making her way through the crowd making the place a better place to live in.

03. Kashmala Tariq

She is one of the hottest parliamentarians that Pakistan has these days. She has also come in the stream line of the fashion industry when she got spotted on the beaches of Huston during some time wearing very scanty clothes. She is an LLM degree holder from London and is also among the most ambitious leaders that are existent in Pakistan today. She has though been criticized very much during her early career but she has managed to avoid all that and is now on the path of success and fame.

02. Sethrida Geagea:

She has drop dead gorgeousness in her along with her very advance sense of fashion as well as ways to carry herself around. She is not just very good at her profession but she has the sort of trueness in her eyes that is completely un-matched form the others making her stand at number 2 in this Top 10 Beautiful Female Politicians in the World list.

01. Yulia Tymoshenko:

She is a very daring as well as the most stylish politician of this world. She was once very successful business women before she came into politics but even then she was very beautiful and now she is even more after becoming the first prime minister of Ukraine.

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