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Top 5 Foods With their Nutritional Values

1.Dairy products Food/portion size Weight/ gm Energy /calories Cheddar (1oz) 28                113     Cream (1oz) 28                 98   Butter w/salt (1tbsp=1/2oz) 14               100 Ghee ( 1tbsp=1/2oz) 14              124 Oil (1tbsp) 14...


Top 10 Emerging Bollywood Teen Stars

There are many parents in Bollywood whose sons and daughters have now grown up enough to rule the world of Bollywood and are young ambitious actors and actresses.  Following are Top 10 Emerging Bollywood...


Top 10 Facts That You Didn’t Know

Top Lists Mania Always Brings The Best Countdown! This Time We Made “Top 10 Facts That You Didn’t Know” All These Facts Are Mind Blowing. So Keep Scrolling ; Get Ready To Be Amused!...