5 Medical Technologies Straight out of Horror Movies

God gave us the precious life and it is the main duty of a human being to not only care about his own health and life but to care about others life. But where God blessed us with a body HE also gave the diseases but gave the ability to fight with the diseases. It is said that the necessity is the mother of inventions and probably it is rightly said because after the creation of mankind the humans had to deal with disorders and diseases in the body but somehow the human beings found a way to fight the diseases. At the beginning in fact in the earlier centuries of the existence of mankind the humans used the herbs to cure their diseases though it worked but not in all cases. Then the time kept on passing and the mankind found some new solutions to fight the diseases and complications in the human body and the herbs turned into the tablets and capsules. Then in 19th century the “injection”technology was introduced and then in 20th century the medical science took great progress as the new technologies and equipment were introduced to fight the diseases. Well we can certainly recall a few like the X ray machine, ECG machine, and so much other medical equipment which have made the life so easy not only for the patients but for the doctors as well.  But in the recent few decade the medical equipment and technology has just being totally revolutionized as today you can even replace a heart, liver or kidney in a human being who would have ever thought it few decades ago. There has been tremendous development in the medical field but there have been some inventions and medical technologies that might look as scary and horrifying as anything. Some people might think that the technology is weird but these medical technologies have been made for the better of mankind. Here are the five medical technologies which look like that they might have come out from horror movies.

5. Dental Phantom

Well this looks scary one. Dental Phantom was the medical equipment made in the 1930s by the scientist for actually the dental students who were studying there medical and this looks more like an alien from a Hollywood movie. This model was made of steel and it had a steel jaw as well. In this the teeth of Human beings corpses were used. This Dental Phantom has been used for a long time by the medical students of dentistry across the globe.

4. Robot Ass

Well this might sound and look very weird to you but the medical technology has to deal all the parts of human body for sure and apart from fun this looks a very hands medical solution for the students of medical for prostate exam training. Butt checking is a procedure which has to be done after the age of 40 normally in the serious medical cases and it had been a tricky time for the medical students who used to experiment this procedure on the patients but now the technology has made a robot which has a rubber ass and the students can check the anus. Meanwhile this robot is computerized and it responds as well.

3. The ODON Birthing device

Look at this birthing device. This device has been invented for the baby birth and by a look at it this one looks as a mechanic’s tool but this device is extremely useful for the baby delivery as this plastic device use the vacuum power to pull the baby out of the mother’s vagina by pulling power. Though it looks scary and really dangerous this device has revolutionized the delivery complications for sure and sometimes the baby used to get stuck now by this device the delivery process is made more safe .

2. Smart Glasses

This is as dramatic technology as the movie like Matrix. These smart glasses have been developed to look at the veins of human body and actually to monitor the blood circulation in the body .This incredible medical glasses make the human kin invisible and actually you can watch through the skin into the veins. Well this look as dramatic as anything but the medical research has made it possible to view the veins by putting these glasses on Incredible.

1.SynDavers Synthetic Human

5 Medical Technologies Straight out of Horror Movies

The medical students who were in the hospitals and used to practice their study on the patients had to take a bit of risk or we can say that sometimes that the patient would have been under risk as the un experienced doctors can get nervous but SynDavers lab has made a great solution of it by making a complete synthetic man which is a robot but it has synthetic muscles, tissues and bones as like as a real human being. It has got the heartbeat as well so this technology is significant to replace the live animals or humans in the medical practice.

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