10 Scientists Who Claim to Have Proof about the Existence of God

According to the religious book like Bible and Quran the human beings are asked to obey the rules of God and it is clearly mentioned that God is invisible. No one can watch Him but as the science has developed and science has made many impossible things to happen there is a few people in fact scientist who have claimed that they have got the proof about the existence of God. Though this is an un popular approach and many religious priests have condemned it we feel it is our responsibility to share the information. So here are 10 Scientists Who Claim to Have Proof about the Existence of God.

10. Dr. Azzacove


Dr. Azzacove was a Russian scientist and he was a communist. He said that as a Communist I don’t believe in Heaven or the Bible but as a scientist I now believe in Hell. He dug a nine mile deep hole in Siberia in 1989 with his team and they recorded the suspicious screaming sounds after going more than nine miles deep into the earth core. Dr. Azzacove claimed that these screams were of the damned souls in the hell. This news spread like fire in 1990 and was a big talking point for a long period of time.

9. Eben Alexander III


Eben Alexander is a neurologist and he claimed that he has seen the heaven. Eben Alexander from USA suffered a brain disorder in 2008 and he was in Coma for more than a week. While doctors lost all the hope for his survival then he recovered and woke up after one week and he claimed that he visited heaven during his coma and he wrote a book named “Proofs of Heaven” which was best seller for 35 weeks.

8. chemistry student of Washington University


A student from Washington University had claimed that hell’s temperature depends upon the souls entering the hell. He said that if the souls are entering fast then the temperature will rise and it will be extremely hot and when the souls entering are less than the hell gets cool.



Professor Johann Bartholomeus Adam Beringer from Germany found limestone’s in 1725 on which shapes of lizards, frogs and different animals were crafted. Professor Johann Bartholomeus Adam Beringer claimed that that limestone’s he found were crafted by God.

6. Blaise Pascal


Blaise Pascal was a famous mathematician and philosopher as well from France. He was from the 17th century age and he developed a certain probability ratio scenario for finding out whether God exists or not.

5. Leonhard Euler


Leonhard Euler was a famous Swiss mathematician and physicist and he made some good discoveries in the field of calculus. He claimed that he has got the proof of God’s existence so he was presented in the court where he said : “Sir, \frac{a+b^n}{n}=x, hence God exists reply!” . After this all the people present in the court laughed at him and he was ask to leave for Russia.

4. Kurt Friedrich


Kurt Friedrich  was an Austrian Mathematician and he also claimed that he has developed a theorem about the existence of God. It looks strange and surely majority of the people thought he is sick or insane. His theorem says that God, or a supreme being, is that for which no greater can be conceived. God exists in the understanding. If God exists in the understanding, we could imagine Him to be greater by existing in reality.



Francis S. Collins a famous scientist and doctor from USA claimed in 2007 that he believes that God exists and the proof of God’s existence lies in DNA.  He said that every living thing has a DNA in the molecules and DNA is actually the coding in God’s language. He was criticized by religious priests for this statement.

2.Christoph Benzmueller and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo


Recently in October 2013 two scientists in fact computer scientists Christoph Benzmueller and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo from Berlin university claimed that they have tested the Friedrich Gode’s theorem on computer and they also claimed that this theorem is right in the capacity to claim that God exists.

1. Dr. Steven Laureys


Dr. Steven Laureys is a famous Belgian neurologist who is the head of Coma Science Group study in Belgium and he has spoken to many of the coma patients who have awaken after a coma sleep and according to his experience gathered he told that a person can experience the things like travelling through light, tunnels and going towards hell or heaven. He also wrote an article on this in 2013. He didn’t claim that he has got a proof about existence of God but he claimed that a person can experience the above mentioned things near death.

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