10 Amazing Sea Survival Stories

The accidents which happen on roads have the luxury of emergency services that come to rescue soon but in case of a plane crash or some disaster to a boat or ship in the sea it is very difficult to get out of the problem. In the recent past we have witnessed some amazing display of belief and courage as those people survived after spending many days on the ocean without any help. Let’s have a look at the 10 amazing sea survival stories and sea survivors who defeated the death to stay alive.

10. Troy and Josh

Troy and Josh are two best friends who come from South Carolina USA and the boys really defeated the death. It was 15 April 2002 when the boys made a plan to have some fishing in the sea. They went on their boat and did not notice the danger flags in the sea. The tide kept them away from the shore and meanwhile they had nothing to eat in the boat. The tide damaged the boat and took it miles away from the shore. The boys spent 6 days in the sea without any shade or food and they used occasionally jelly fish to eat. On the 6th day when they had given the hope of survival a ship rescued them as they took 4 months to recover from dehydration and sun burn.

9. Amanda Thorns and Dennis White

Ammanda Thorns, her father Willie and her God Father Dennis White set out on a journey on a sail boat to Bermuda. In total there were 5 persons on the boat but suddenly big waves came and just thrashed the boat entirely .After 5 days there were only Amanda and Denis left alive and they did not gave hope as on the 10th day they were survived by a ship passing nearby.

8. Brad Cavanagh and Deborah Kiley

A boat set on a routine trip from Maine to Florid in 1982. There were 5 passengers on the boat including Brad Cavanagh and Deborah Kiley. On the 2nd day of journey a storm wrecked the boat and other 3 people were sleeping. Brad Cavanagh and Deborah Kiley got themselves into a life boat along with others but in the cold weather other three person’s John Lippoth and his girlfriend Meg Moony, Mark Adams died. After four days they were survived by a boat.

7. Fiji Boys

Samu Perez (15), Filo Filo (15) and Edward Nasau (14) three boys decide to go back to home in a small boat. The boat was swept away from the shore by waves and they were left helpless as they had no idea where to go. Boys relied on raw fish and rain water and were survived by a tuna boat on the 50th day.

6. Thai Ice Box Survivors

A wooden boat wrecked into pieces which was carrying 20 people after a bad storm. Somehow two men managed to get into an icebox which is used to keep the fish and they depended on rain water . Those two men were rescued after 120 days.

5. Steve Callahan

He was a naval architect and sailor as well Steve made a boat himself and took some necessary equipment as well with him on the boat, His boat was damaged after few days so he shifted on life boat as he had planned to sail across the Atlantic from Canary Islands to Bahamas. He survived for more than 76 days alone in the sea and reached the land. Where he recovered in a day.

4. Richard Van Pham

Richard Van Pham set on journey from Long Beach California to Catalina Resort. A storm damaged his boat and the engine became useless. This 62 years old man survived for more than 4 months in the boat where he used turtle and sea birds to eat the meat and he managed to distil the sea water into drinking water

3. Maurice and Marilyn Baily

This couple from UK had planned to go to New Zealand o their boat through safe passage of Panama Canal but their boat was wrecked and they had to go on the life raft and they used turtles, sea birds to survive. They were spotted after 117 days by a Korean ship and it took months for them to recover.

2. Poon Lim

This 25 years old Chinese boys holds the record for longest sea survival alone. He was a sailor with British army in 1942 when the German Army bombarded on the ship and ship destroyed. Poon Lim looked for a life raft and he had only few biscuits, water and torch on the raft. He kept himself vigilant and used his brain to survive as he was rescued by a boat at the edge of Pananama River on 131st day

1. Mexican Fishermen

Three fishermen from Mexico Lucio Rendon, Salvador Ordonez and Jesus Eduardo Vivand survived for more than 8 months in the sea. They left their home in Mexico in October 2005 for fishing but they went deep into the sea and their fuel ended. They had nowhere out and had no navigation equipment so they used rain water, turtles, fish and birds as food and in August 2006 they were found near Australia as they had travelled 5500 miles but when they were found they were in good condition.

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